NBC late-night star Seth Meyers took a closer look at Donald Trump’s first week as POTUS, including his obsession with the crowd at his inauguration, the number of viewers who watched that ceremony, and losing the popular vote.

If you were hoping a full week in the White House would ease Trump’s insecurity, Meyers said it was a real bubble-burster when Trump tweeted he will ask for a “major investigation into VOTER FRAUD,” despite the claim having already been shot down by multiple studies, election officials from both parties, Republican members of Congress, and even Trump’s own lawyers. Meyers called Trump’s “investigation” a thinly veiled attempt to crack down on people who voted against him.

To that point, the Late Night host cited a media report about Trump telling members of Congress that German pro golfer Bernhard Langer,  a friend, said he had been turned away at a polling place in Florida, while Latinos in line were allowed to vote.

Meyers’ final selection from President Trump Week 1 late-night comedy banquet: our new president’s first-ever sit down as POTUS, which ABC News aired Wednesday night. In that interview with David Muir, Trump continued to obsess about the size of his crowds, and claimed to have gotten the biggest standing ovation since Peyton Manning won the Super Bowl.