Full Frontal with Samantha Bee has been one of the most talked about TV shows during the election process and, keying up for the show’s TCA panel, TBS ticked off some of the more emotive reviews. The show, critics have said, is the funniest take down of the Donald Trump political clown car, and Jon Stewart’s successor as torch bearer of common sense.

Impact? Well, let’s keep things in perspective, EP/showrunner Jo Miller suggested. “Tucker Carlson just got Megyn Kelly’s timeslot,” she noted. “So you can see how much” impact this show’s had.

Bee agreed that some TV news outlets had abdicated their responsibility during the election, and described a growing sense “they’re coming for all of us, so it does behoove us to support one another.”

Miller, who called Trump a master media manipulator who is very good at playing the news cycle and the press, said she’s been heartened by more recent TV news strategies in covering the POTUS-elect, including bottom-of-screen fact-check crawls.

Fox News

Full Frontal’s move to Wednesday was very welcomed for work flow and life-balance reasons, Bee said, while Miller noted happily the Wednesday berth allowed them the ability to re-edit when “Piss-gate” happened. “It was a golden shower of opportunity,” Bee joked.

One TV critic asked Bee to comment on pundit Ross Douthat’s New York Times column from last September about the role late-night shows were playing in polarizing the voting population. “I was so excited to be called a ‘bluestocking feminist’,” Bee responded politely.

Chimed in Miller, “We were excited to be given celebrity attention by Ross Whats-his-name.”