Less than two days before Donald Trump is sworn in as our 45th POTUS, and on the eve of the Senate confirmation hearing on Steve Mnuchin’s appointment as Treasury Secretary, Samantha Bee checked in on his promise to drain the swamp, and found a new Swamp King.

Reminding viewers Trump warned Wall Street hot shots had rigged regulations, and Goldman Sachs had “total control over Hillary Clinton,”  Trump had advised his followers, as they were casting their ballots, to picture a Wall Street boardroom “filled with specials interests that have been bleeding your country and your city.”

“I’ll admit it was comforting to see Donald Trump concerned about bleeding that wasn’t Megyn Kelly’s,” Bee said. “Draining the swamp appeals to everyone!”

Then she ticked off five high profile Goldman Sachs execs and alums named to Trump’s cabinet.

“As the saying goes, Keep your friends close and and your friends that you called you enemies when you were saying any f*cking thing to get elected closer,” she snarked.

“The Joey Fatone of Trump’s Goldman boy band” is hedge fund manager “and John Oliver’s evil twin” Steve Mnuchin. Bee noted Mnuchin became a Hollywood producer, with credits including Suicide Squad, which “is also my nickname for working-class people who voted for Trump.”