Ari Emanuel, who met with his former client Donald Trump soon after the election, was at the White House today with President Barack Obama as the WME | IMG boss helped commemorate his hometown Chicago Cubs’ World Series victory.

Donald Trump prospective cabinet members at Trump International Golf Club, New Jersey, USA - 20 Nov 2016
Associated Press

The Cubs joined Obama in the White House celebration, which also included his brother, Windy City mayor and former POTUS Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Ari is a huge Cubs fan, and for the record WME | IMG also represents the team. He and his brother had front-row seats today.

According to pool reports, a few hundred people gathered in the East Room for the ceremony — the crowd included Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, resplendent in a “Bryant Rizzo ’16 Make Chicago Great Again” T-shirt worn under his sports jacket.

Obama’s best line of the ceremony: “I made a lot of promises in 2008 … but even I was not crazy enough to suggest [that Cubs would win World Series], but I did say there is nothing false about hope.” According to reports he also joked about the many sick days his staff took during the playoffs — as well as a White House staffer “being caught” being interviewed on TV from a bar.

Ari Emanuel met with President-elect Trump on November 20 at Trump’s New Jersey golf course. The idea was to reach out to Trump — a former client before he became a political candidate, and who later sold the Miss Universe pageant to WME | IMG — to express his concerns while Trump was forming his administration.