IFC’s new comedy Brockmire, debuting Wednesday April 5 at 10 PM, is a “sybaritic love letter to baseball,” star Hank Azaria told TV critics today at TCA.

Brockmire stars Hank Azaria, Amanda Peet and Tyrel Jackson Williams in the story of a formerly successful Baseball announcer who torched his career with a Funny or Die booze-fueled on-air breakdown, after discovering his wife shagging a stranger on the kitchen floor right before he covers a baseball game. That scene serves as show’s cold open, which spins off in a new world with new characters, “set in “the worst town in America,” said writer EP Joel Church Cooper, who described the town as “If Khmer Rouge ran through Mayberry.” On the bright side, Amanda Peets is his love interest.

See a bit of that above, as Azaria’s Brockmire drools over the possibility of returning to Major League baseball, juxtaposed with glimpses of the breakdown that destroyed his career.