Casey Affleck took home his first Golden Globe for Best Actor Sunday night and in the midst of an exciting moment, no doubt, forgot to thank his big brother Ben Affleck, which didn’t go unnoticed. During Affleck’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host created a fun little “controversy” by pointing out Casey’s omission.

“He thanked a s*** ton of people” expressed Affleck, after Kimmel listed the various names mentioned during Casey’s acceptances speech. “That’s not the kind of thing I would do. If it’s me, you know, I thank people.”Affleck continued.  Adding more insult to injury, Kimmel played a video of when Affleck first won an Oscar and included his brother amongst the thank yous.

“I needed that little push, but I did say ‘My brother is brilliant.’ Those words came out of my mouth,” Affleck contended. “We didn’t hear anything like that last night. He did a the thing with Denzel [Washington], and the thing with Matt [Damon], and he’s Mr. Hollywood.”

Kimmel, who will be hosting the Oscars next month, pointed out that if Casey won the best actor award, it would mark the first time brothers have won in separate categories. Affleck took it even further: “This would be the very first time someone would win an Oscar that didn’t brush his teeth from ages 10-14.”

Check on the video above.