The 28th Annual PGA Awards have been handed out at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles.

Awards season darling La La Land took the Darryl F. Zanuck Award for Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures, the PGA’s equivalent of the Best Picture Oscar. There’s often a correlation between the Oscars best picture winner and the PGA film winner, but there also have been wild discrepencies. The Big Short took the PGA’s top film prize last year, but the Best Picture Oscar went to Spotlight. So stay tuned on that.

On the TV side, newcomer Netflix’s Stranger Things took the drama nod, and FX breakout Atlanta took the comedy honor.

In addition to the top film and TV winners, the PGA presented its highest honorary award, the 2017 Milestone Award to Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Pictures Group Chairman Tom Rothman, its annual Norman Lear Award For Television to James L. Brooks, and its 2017 David O. Selznick Achievement Award to Irwin Winkler. Focus Features’ Loving received the guild’s Stanley Kramer Award as a production that “illuminates and raises public awareness of important social issues,” and Annapurna producer Megan Ellison received the Visionary Award.

Here’s how it all went down.

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:00 pm

We’re about to kick things off here at the Beverly Hilton

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:02 pm

Honorees tonight include prolific producer James L. Brooks of The Edge of Seventeen, producer Megan Ellison, Sony Entertainment’s Motion Picture Group Chairman Tom Rothman and producer Irwin Winkler, one of the individuals behind Martin Scorsese’s long-gestating Silence.

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:03 pm

Receiving the Stanley Kramer Award will be Loving, from director Jeff Nichols

Anthony D'Alessandro January 28, 20178:09 pm

Longform TV is the first category being announced here at the PGAs.

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:13 pm

Nicole Kidman on stage presenting the David L. Wolper Award

Denise Petski January 28, 20178:14 pm

Here’s Nicole Kidman as she arrived at the Beverly Hilton tonight:

Anthony D'Alessandro January 28, 20178:14 pm

Historically, the PGAs are a great barometer for Oscar’s best picture winner. However, last year there was a disconnect as ‘The Big Short’ took best feature at the PGAs and Spotlight went on to take Oscar’s best picture. 

Anthony D'Alessandro January 28, 20178:17 pm

In 2014, there was a tie for best picture at the PGAs: Gravity and 12 Years a Slave; the latter would go on to win best picture while Gravity would take home 7 Oscars including best director for Alfonso Cuaron.

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:19 pm

Having technical issues in the press room. Milestone Award is up next, that being Tom Rothman. Hugh Jackman is presenting

Denise Petski January 28, 20178:21 pm

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:24 pm

Montage of clips from Tom Rothman’s storied career being presented

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:28 pm

Rothman’s two daughters on stage in “pussy” hats

Denise Petski January 28, 20178:30 pm

Tom Rothman arriving tonight at the Beverly Hilton

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:30 pm

Rothman’s daughter was involved with the Hillary Clinton campaign in Colorado, she says. “It went great.”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:31 pm

“Neither of us are bitter, at all.”

Denise Petski January 28, 20178:40 pm

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:43 pm

Amy Adams on stage, presenting clips from tonight’s nominees. “Arrival‘s an extraordinary movie, rich in depth, and it stars a female protagonist who is strong, intelligent, in control.”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:45 pm

Now, Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:45 pm

Wearing a Deadpool tie?

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:46 pm

Denise Petski January 28, 20178:46 pm

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:47 pm

Arrival was the ‘A’ picture. The Producers’ Guild is smart enough not to nominate a B picture, and certainly not a C.”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:48 pm

Miller thanks the producers who took the risk on Deadpool, “about a superhero none of us knew or cared about, but soon became the most beloved anti-hero in [contemporary] cinema.”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:51 pm

Justin Timberlake : “#Alternativefacts”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:54 pm

“I know for ten years we were feeling like it would be a major accomplishment just to make the series and have it see the light of day. We would not be standing here tonight were it not for Netflix.” — Laura Ricciardi, Moira Demos

Denise Petski January 28, 20178:55 pm

Outstanding Producer of Non-Fiction Television

Making a Murderer (Season 1)
Producers: Laura Ricciardi, Moira Demos

matthewgrobar January 28, 20178:56 pm

“Just a final thought. For those who know a little of the story of how this came together, how scrappy it was, but how we stuck with it…Things get made because of producers. We hope that our personal story of doing that will inspire others. If you think there’s a story that needs to be told, pursue it.” — Moira Demos

Denise Petski January 28, 20179:00 pm

Outstanding Producer of Competition Television:
The Voice (Season 9-11)
Producers: Audrey Morrissey, Jay Bienstock, Mark Burnett, John de Mol, Chad Hines, Lee Metzger, Kyra Thompson, Mike Yurchuk, Amanda Zucker, Carson Daly

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:01 pm

Thandie Newton discussing history-making Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner in relation to Loving

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:02 pm

“It’s wonderfully coincidental that 50 years later a beautiful film about the Lovings has appeared.”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:03 pm

“Could there be a better title for a film than Loving?” she says, introducing the Stanley Kramer Award-winning film.

Denise Petski January 28, 20179:03 pm

Thandie Newton

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:04 pm

Beautiful closing title card: “Love is love”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:05 pm

“We may lose the small battles, but we will win the big war,” Newton quotes.

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:05 pm

Colin Firth accepting the Stanley Kramer Award as one of the film’s producers

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:06 pm

“Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint where a story begins, but everybody on this stage was somewhere in the late ’60s, and I knew nothing about the case. But what I did know about, 3,000 miles away, at the age of about 7, was Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? My mother sat me down and made me watch it because it was an important film, which was a new concept to me.”— Colin Firth

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:07 pm

“Being nine years old and having nothing of what can be described as a social conscience, it just got in my head, and it’s been there ever since. It taught me that a film can make you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, that it can take you to a place where social prejudice, all the fears that contrive to divide us suddenly make no sense. They are passed into pure abstraction when you get a close look at an actual person, especially when love comes into it.”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:10 pm

“I am deeply committed to vacuous entertainment, escapist froth; even a casual glance at my career will tell you that. But I think Stanley Kramer has challenged us, really, to use what we do as an instrument for empathy. I would echo the words we heard at the beginning of this evening — Now more than ever, it is vital to find stories that do that. This is for Mildred and Richard Loving, for the ACLU, for everyone who is fighting for their civil rights, and for everyone who’s families are being separated by the discrimination and violence.”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:12 pm

Fences waited 30 years until it found our very own Denzel Washington. He revived it on Broadway, and with his passionate fellow producers, they finally brought Fences to screens. It’s actually a piece of artistic history. August has been gone for 11 years but his vision is so strong, his words, uncompromising.” — Mykelti Williamson, setting up a clip from Fences

Denise Petski January 28, 20179:13 pm

‘Loving’ producer Colin Firth 

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:15 pm

“You’ll be glad to know tonight’s event is only running 35 minutes over.” – James Corden

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:17 pm

“Some of you won’t know this, but I was the original person who was cast as the Wolverine in the X-Men movies. I was nervous, I’m not going to lie. I couldn’t quite get to grips with it, and then Tom Rothman, who was the big cheese, he walk up to me with two cups of diet coke, and he was like a brother to me. And he said, Do you want to get lunch next week? I said yeah, and he said, We’re going to let you go…I think I need a song-and-dance bloke from Australia. Where is he?”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:18 pm

“Who’s had the last laugh? Because I walked off that set crying, and when he fires me, he fucking follows me to Cape Cod where I’m teaching my daughter to ride a bike. Who’s had the last laugh? Because I left that movie set and I host a television show that airs at 12:37 in the morning.” 

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:18 pm

Rothman made it up to Corden by casting him in The Emoji Movie, Corden says.

Denise Petski January 28, 20179:21 pm

 Danny Thomas Award for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television, Comedy: Atlanta (Season 1)
Producers: Donald Glover, Dianne McGunigle, Paul Simms, Hiro Murai, Alex Orr

Denise Petski January 28, 20179:24 pm

Megan Ellison & Drew Denny on the red carpet

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:24 pm

Kathryn Bigelow, introducing Megan Ellison, recipient of the Visionary Award, recalls the producer signing onto Zero Dark Thirty without a flicker of doubt, not withdrawing even after Osama Bin Laden was killed during development, requiring an entirely new approach.

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:30 pm

“Hollywood is a community of insiders that rarely let my kind, an outsider, in. To earn your respect for my work is truly moving. Amy Pascal, you’re more important to me than you’ll ever realize. Amy took me under her wing in many ways. Early in my career she took me under my wing because she was worried about me.” — Megan Ellison

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:30 pm

“She told me, women don’t own anything, they move their way up the corporate ladder, and until they do, nothing can really change.”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:32 pm

“This is my first job. I’m so fortunate that I get to spend my life telling stories. This will be a life-long pursuit for me. My father wanted me to go into politics. But when my brother and I decided to go into this business, my father asked what he did wrong. But then I think of Walt Disney who said, ‘. We don’t make movies to make money. We make money to make more movies.'”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:33 pm

“Movies are the portrait of the people who make them, and I get to see behind the veil.”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:35 pm

“I do this because it’s the best way I know how to affect change. Annapurna is a company founded on otherness. We aspire to be a safe environment for artists and dreamers so that the voices that need to be heard are there for anyone that needs them. There’s so much power in these walls. The scariest thing we could do now is shut up.”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:35 pm

“We may not be curing cancer, but we have the power of visibility.”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:36 pm

“Few of us may be affected by a Ban on Muslim refugees, but we need to share our power with those who are silenced and vulnerable. The only way I know how to safely handle power is to spread it around, so please share it.”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:39 pm

Hidden Figures stars celebrating huge box office success, “which not even a math genius could have predicted”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:41 pm

“Many of you may know me as Luther, Obama’s anger translator. I’m also an improviser so tonight I thought I’d open Trump’s twitter page and come up with some things on the fly.”— Keegan-Michael Key

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:42 pm

“How many scientists does it to take the President? Oh wait, three more just came in. This one’s about Iran. I got it…’Donald Trump, the Iatola and Clint Eastwood walk into a bar. Oh wait, 17 just came in….Angela Merkel is a four. No, you’re a tangerine.”

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:42 pm

“Rick Perry is going to run the EPA…ok what am I supposed to do with that? That’s already a joke.”

Denise Petski January 28, 20179:44 pm

Outstanding Producer of Live Entertainment & Talk Television:
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Season 3)
Producers: Tim Carvell, John Oliver, Liz Stanton

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:45 pm

Producers couldn’t be here to accept this award.

Denise Petski January 28, 20179:45 pm

Outstanding Children’s Program:

Sesame Street (Season 46)
Denise Petski January 28, 20179:47 pm

Outstanding Sports Program: TIE
 Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (Season 22)

VICE World of Sports (Season 1)

Denise Petski January 28, 20179:47 pm

Outstanding Digital Series:
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Season 7, Season 8)

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:53 pm

“Let me start with Mary [Tyler Moore]. She was the woman at the center of our work who never complained, who made grace contagious. I want to give you all the opportunity to pay her tribute, so let’s have a hand for Mary.”— James L. Brooks, accepting the Norman Lear Achievement Award in Television

matthewgrobar January 28, 20179:53 pm

“These are times we could all use a solid group hug.”

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:00 pm

“Television is the place where people still lean forward when you say, ‘I have a crazy idea.'”

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:04 pm

“This is a movie where we’re all scared for what’s happening in our country. This is a film about love, about dreams and about this lovely city we call home, Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles is the home of so many immigrants, so many creative people, so many dreamers. We are the voice, we are the face, of America. Our America is big, it is free, and it is open to dreamers of all races, all countries, all religions. Our vision of America is directly antithetical to that of President Trump. I want to specifically tonight reject his vision and affirm that America has to be better than that.” — John Legend, La La Land

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:05 pm

“My wife and I were conflicted about being here tonight, but we wanted to put our money where our mouth is, and we donated to the ACLU and other organizations who are committed to fighting for freedom in the land of the free. Let’s all continue to stand up together for what is right.”

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:06 pm

“That was an amazing speech. I can’t follow that so I’m just going to read the teleprompter.” — Dev Patel

Denise Petski January 28, 201710:09 pm

Dev Patel

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:11 pm

“The directors had a vision to tell a story about the dangers of bias and stereotype. They believed there was no reason an animated film couldn’t talk about celebrating diversity, especially when some are using fear to divide us.”— Clark Spencer, Zootopia

Denise Petski January 28, 201710:12 pm

Outstanding Producer of Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures:

Producer: Clark Spencer
matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:12 pm

Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese are now sharing the stage

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:12 pm

…presenting the David O. Selznick award to Irwin Winkler

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:15 pm

“According to IMDB, The Comedian, which comes out next week, has 29 producers, plus five producing companies. And if there are any of my producers here tonight, please introduce yourself so I can thank you.”— Robert De Niro

Denise Petski January 28, 201710:15 pm

Irwin Winkler

Denise Petski January 28, 201710:16 pm

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:17 pm

“Irwin is one of the handful of pioneers who crossed the bridge from the old studio system to the Hollywood of today. He’s made movies in every genre.” — Martin Scorsese

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:23 pm

De Niro is looking forward to working again with Marty and Irwin on the forthcoming The Irishman

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:26 pm

“This is a wonderful opportunity to recognize what the Guild has done for producers. Those clips you saw represent the work of hundreds of artists, actors, writers, directors, producers.”— Irwin Winkler

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:29 pm

“Along the way, I met Bob and Marty. We’ve had a really great friendship and professional friendship, loving friendship. We went through the birth of children, grandchildren, marriages, some divorces. Not mine, by the way.”

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:31 pm

“My grandpa came as a refugee in 1904. So I’m a refugee, because of my grandfather, and all of us are refugees. None of us are excluded. We’re all refugees.”

Anthony D'Alessandro January 28, 201710:37 pm

“in these times we need filmmakers to shine a light on the truth,” says Rami Malek presenting the documentary category. 

Denise Petski January 28, 201710:41 pm

  Outstanding Producer of Documentary Theatrical Motion Pictures

O.J.: Made in America
Producers: Ezra Edelman, Caroline Waterlow

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:42 pm

“This is a tough day. Being in this room tonight has been a strange experience. I want to echo John Legend. We’re threatening to build walls and closing our borders and I’m standing here as a direct descendent of the Loving/Virginia decision. I’m at least heartened to be standing here on a night when we are honoring that incredible film and those incredible people. Please, producers in the room, keep telling stories about our humanity, our country, about the world we want to live in.” —  Ezra Edelman, accepting the documentary producing award

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:43 pm

And now, to the tune of “Moon River”, the In Memoriam

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:44 pm

“We’ll miss you,” the closing card says.

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:47 pm

A first win tonight for newcomer series Stranger Things.

Denise Petski January 28, 201710:48 pm

Norman Felton Award for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television, Drama
Stranger Things (Season 1)
Producers: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer, Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen, Iain Paterson

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:49 pm

And now, for the final award of the night! Presented by Dustin Hoffman

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:50 pm

“The good news is I’m going to be the shortest of the night,” in both senses.

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:53 pm

“On behalf of Fred Berger and Jordon Horowitz, I want to thank the PGA. We love producing, we are very honored, we feel very honored to be part of this community and the global community of producers who have created such a broad range of powerful stories. Damien Chazelle with La La Land has created a story about the sacrifices that artists make in pursuit of their passions and dreams. Tonight we celebrate all of us fools who sacrifice and struggle yet tirelessly try and achieve our artistic dreams, and facilitate the dreams of so many others. — Marc Platt, accepting Daryl Zanuck award for La La Land

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:54 pm

“On behalf of Fred Berger and Jordon Horowitz, I want to thank the PGA. We love producing, we are very honored, we feel very honored to be part of this community and the global community of producers who have created such a broad range of powerful stories. Damien Chazelle with La La Land has created a story about the sacrifices that artists make in pursuit of their passions and dreams. Tonight we celebrate all of us fools who sacrifice and struggle yet tirelessly try and achieve our artistic dreams, and facilitate the dreams of so many others.” — Marc Platt, accepting Daryl Zanuck award for La La Land

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:54 pm

“Lastly, we hope that we all, like Mia and Seb in our film, can continue to do what we love to do. Now more than ever, we must believe that love can change our lives, much as it can change the world.”

Denise Petski January 28, 201710:55 pm

Darryl F. Zanuck Award for Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures
La La Land
Producers: Fred Berger, Jordan Horowitz, Marc Platt

matthewgrobar January 28, 201710:57 pm

That’s all folks. From all of us here at the Beverly Hilton, good night.

Denise Petski January 28, 201711:58 pm