UPDATE with final results: The 74th annual Golden Globes hit the music from the first cold open in the show’s history, with Lionsgate’s romantic musical La La Land winning all seven awards for which it was nominated including Best Picture – Comedy or Musical, for stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone and for Damien Chazelle’s script and directing.

It danced away a night that included a pair of TV doubles: Donald Glover winning Best Actor Comedy for FX’s Atlanta, which also won Best Comedy; and Netflix’s royal rookie The Crown, which won Best Drama and Best Actress for star Claire Foy.

A24’s Moonlight won the night’s final award, the marquee Best Picture – Drama, capping a night that was low on heat but featured strong speeches (political and otherwise) from winners and from Meryl Streep, who accepted the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Cecil B. DeMille Award for life achievement complete with a hoarse voice.

Here’s how it went down at the Beverly Hilton as seen by Deadline’s co-Editors In Chief:

Mike Fleming January 8, 20175:04 pm

Jimmy Fallon’s opening is a very ambitious recreation of the opening number of La La Land. That opening of the movie was over the top, but Fallon is hitting all the right notes, with so many stars taking part. Very imaginative. 

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20175:05 pm

NBC is putting ABC on notice with the elaborate mashup of the year’s top movies and TV shows. This is the type of musical opening number that the Oscars are known for.

Mike Fleming January 8, 20175:07 pm

Jimmy, stop being so fawning! 

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20175:09 pm

If anyone had doubts that politics would be front and center tonight, Fallon make that clear with the very first line of his opening monologue (after some clunky faulty equipment talk). “Welcome to the Golden Globes, one of the few places left where America still honors the
popular vote.”

Mike Fleming January 8, 20175:10 pm

Probably a good idea to make as many Trump jokes as possible. Many of these movies the mass audience hasn’t seen, either because they were limited, or because they are still rolling out. Trump on the other hand…

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20175:11 pm

WINNER: Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture – Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Nocturnal Animals

Mike Fleming January 8, 20175:12 pm

Aaron Taylor Johnson is a huge upset, playing the Texas psycho in Nocturnal Animals. Mahershala Ali was the favorite, and how good was dev patel in Lion. Johnson is a friend of Tom Ford, and even he was surprised at how scary was his performance. A bold choice. 

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20175:14 pm

WINNER: Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series/Drama – Billy Bob Thornton, Goliath

Mike Fleming January 8, 20175:14 pm

You had to figure Rami Malek was the fave, coming off the Emmy win for Mr. Robot. Nellie how surprised are you to see Billy Bob Thornton win? 

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20175:16 pm

Not really, the HFPA stuck with two TV traditions on this one – honoring a first-year show, ‘Goliath’, and an old favorite (and a movie star), Billy Bob Thornton.

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20175:17 pm

Malek’s moment was last year when the Golden Globes finally honored Mad Men’s Jon Hamm on his final try.

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20175:23 pm

The obligatory Mariah Carey joke highlights the fact that Dick Clark Prods. is behind both ABC’s ‘Rockin’ Eve’, marked by Carey’s botched performance this year, and the Golden Globes.

Mike Fleming January 8, 20175:23 pm

Malek is playing Freddie Mercury in the Queen biopic directed by Bryan Singer. Intriguing choice

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20175:23 pm

WINNER: Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series/Musical or Comedy – Tracee Ellis Ross, Black-ish

Mike Fleming January 8, 20175:25 pm

Looong speech!

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20175:26 pm

The Emmy in the category is staying at the broadcast with another first-time winner. This is somewhat of a surprise as Issa Rae had been considered a frontrunner for her breakout HBO series Insecure. Great lines from Ross. “This is for all women of color and colorful people whose stories are nor always considered valid and important.”

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20175:26 pm

WINNER: Best Television Series/Musical or Comedy – Atlanta (FX)

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20175:28 pm

This one was considered a shoo-in. Another first-year comedy winning the top trophy and another snub for ‘Veep’

Dominic Patten January 8, 20175:28 pm

The No. 1 show in Deadline’s Top 10 New TV Shows of 2016 took the best Musical or Comedy award tonight – bingo! 

Mike Fleming January 8, 20175:28 pm

Donald Glover is really catching on in the film arena. We’ll first see him in a major role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and then he’ll take over for Billy Dee Williams and play Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo Star Wars Anthology film. This guy is hot stuff. 

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20175:37 pm

WINNER: Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television – Sarah Paulson, The People V OJ Simpson

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20175:39 pm

The Golden Globes are not playing opposition to the Emmys, with the heavy favorite The People v. O.J. Simpson opening what may be a sweep like the one in September.

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20175:39 pm

WINNER: Best Television Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television – The People V OJ Simpson (FX)

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20175:40 pm

It’s 2-for-2 for People v. O.J. Simpson and a third Golden Globe for FX.

Mike Fleming January 8, 20175:47 pm

Kind of dull, this show. The crowd seems bored, and noisy. You wonder if a Ricky Gervais, or Tina Fey/Amy Poehler is the way to go, with the sense that something unexpected might happen. 

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20175:48 pm

WINNER: Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television – Hugh Laurie, The Night Manager

Mike Fleming January 8, 20175:48 pm

I thought Sterling K. Brown would win. He was so good in People vs OJ Simpson

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20175:52 pm

Yes, that is a surprise, there may have been some splitting of the People v. OJ vote. But Laurie is a HFPA favorite, he won for House too.
He had a good line about these being the last Golden Globes. “HFPA has Hollywood, foreign and press in the title.”

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20175:52 pm

WINNER: Best Original Score/Motion Picture – Justin Hurwitz, La La Land

Mike Fleming January 8, 20175:53 pm

Good win for La La Land. Feels like this is going to be a big night for this film, competing as it does in the Musical/Comedy category. 

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20175:55 pm

WINNER: Best Original Song – “City Of Stars,” La La Land

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20175:58 pm

I can’t get over the cringe-worthy lines Sofia Vergara were made read from stage, mixing up “anal” with “annual.” After the Emmys were accused of objectifying the Modern Family star by getting her to pose on a revolving pedestal during a speech, now the Globes are making fun of her not being a native English speaker.

Mike Fleming January 8, 20176:00 pm

Could that possibly have been a scripted bit? If so, it was unglamorous 

Mike Fleming January 8, 20176:01 pm

They should turn up the microphones. The crowd is drowning out the presenters. 

Mike Fleming January 8, 20176:02 pm

Michael Keaton’s performance as Ray Kroc is about as good as any leading man turn this year. But for some reason he hasn’t gotten much love in this awards season. Shame. 

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20176:02 pm

WINNER: Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture – Viola Davis, Fences

Mike Fleming January 8, 20176:05 pm

Viola Davis clearly belongs in the Best Actress category, and she might have won in that category because her work is so strong. She has moments where she eviscerates Troy Maxson (Denzel Washington) that is so strong it brings collective shame to the male species. But she and her team thought she would fare better in this category, which will probably carry her to an Oscar. She’s really the only actress in the movie; so how do you explain why she is supporting? 

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20176:10 pm

WINNER: Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television – Olivia Colman, The Night Manager

Mike Fleming January 8, 20176:12 pm

Between Lion’s Sunny Pawar and Aisholpan Nurgiv from the documentary The Eagle Huntress, this has got to be one of the great movie years for charismatic kids. 

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20176:13 pm

Colman is a surprise, probably not so big after Lurie’s win. British TV productions and performers always do well with the HFPA. Does that bode well for The Crown?

Mike Fleming January 8, 20176:14 pm

Amy Schumer, next starringin the Barbie movie. now how about her for the Globes host? 

Mike Fleming January 8, 20176:14 pm

She has the edge lacking tonight. 

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20176:14 pm

WINNER: Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture/Musical or Comedy – Ryan Gosling, La La Land

Mike Fleming January 8, 20176:18 pm

Hard to argue with Ryan Gosling winning the award, but the real winner in the category is Ryan Reynolds. It still seems unfathomable that Deadpool, a movie that Fox took years to make — after Reynolds played the character in the worst Wolverine film that almost doomed the spinoff — and it grossed a staggering $783 million WW. 

Mike Fleming January 8, 20176:20 pm

Next category, Best Original Screenplay is the tightest one of the night so far. Damien Chazelle’s La La Land, Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals, Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight, Kenneth Lonergan’s Manchester by the Sea and Taylor Sheridan’s Hell or High Water…not a false note in any of these scripts. 

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20176:22 pm

WINNER: Best Original Screenplay – Damien Chazelle, La La Land

Mike Fleming January 8, 20176:27 pm

Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell have certainly put an unexpected spin on the animated film. Well played. 

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20176:27 pm

The most inspired presenter bit so far.

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20176:28 pm

WINNER: Best Motion Picture/Animated – Zootopia, Walt Disney Animation

Mike Fleming January 8, 20176:30 pm

The Zootopia winners nearly got off the first polemic speech of the night, about prejudice and inclusion. Hard to imagine somebody wont take a hard shot at Donald Trump and the Russian hacking and wall in Mexico. Maybe people think this is such a lifeless affair it isn’t worth sticking your neck out. 

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20176:35 pm

WINNER: Best Motion Picture/Animated – Zootopia, Walt Disney Animation

Mike Fleming January 8, 20176:36 pm

La La Land has three more Globes to go. Damien Chazelle faces decent competition in the Director category, and then it’s Emma Stone and finally Best Picture Musical/Comedy. If Chazelle wins, La La Land should run the table. 

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20176:37 pm

WINNER: Best Motion Picture/Foreign Language – Elle (France)

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20176:39 pm

The HFPA is making a statement, honoring Elle, whose failure to make the Oscar short list for foreign-language film was one of the biggest surprises this year.

Mike Fleming January 8, 20176:40 pm

Nice to see Paul Verhoeven, one of the great provocateurs, back in the fold. His early movies were as shocking as Elle, leading to Basic Instinct, Robocop, Total Recall and the (not deliberately) camp Showgirls. He has been trying to get going a movie about Jesus Christ, telling the story without the miracles. He even wrote a book on the history and did a ton of research. No takers. Maybe the momentum gets him there. 

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20176:40 pm

WINNER: Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television – Tom Hiddleston, The Night Manager

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20176:41 pm

‘The Night Manager’ is sweeping the long-form categories tonight with three wins to heavy favorite People v. O.J. Simpson’s two.

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20176:50 pm

WINNER: Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series/Drama – Claire Foy, The Crown

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20176:52 pm

Foy appears genuinely surprised but her win was not that surprising as she checks all the Golden Globe boxes – first-time nominee, up-and-starring star on a lavish international production.

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20176:53 pm

WINNER: Best Television Series/Drama – The Crown, Netflix

Mike Fleming January 8, 20176:53 pm

Both The Crown and Night Manager have international flair. The Globes are becoming the BAFTAs?

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20176:54 pm

No, that’s just the fare foreign journalist who vote for the Globes gravitate toward. Most of us grow up with British TV

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20176:56 pm

‘The Crown” is believed to be the most expensive TV series to date. Netflix is starting to get its $130 million investment worth with awards recognition. The series has a 2-season pickup.

Mike Fleming January 8, 20176:58 pm

The sums being committed to series on Amazon and Netflix are staggering. The deals recently on that David O Russell series with Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore should rival The Crown, and so might the one that Matt Weiner will do. These streaming services are making huge bets. Will they pay off? 

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20177:13 pm

One of the most pointed political statements on a night full of political statements in Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech. After listing the birthplaces of a slew of nominees, Streep said to a roaring applause, “Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. And if we kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and Mixed Martial Arts, which are not the arts.”

Mike Fleming January 8, 20177:14 pm

The most accomplished actress of her generation. 

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20177:15 pm

Streep chokes up when she mentioned the incident of Donald Trump mocking a disabled reporter. “Disrespect invites disrespect, violence incites violence.” The Oscar winner is using her speech to make a stand.

Mike Fleming January 8, 20177:21 pm

Perhaps the only moment worth remembering from this whole dull affair, that Streep speech. 

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20177:22 pm

WINNER: Best Director/Motion Picture: Damien Chazelle, La La Land

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20177:25 pm

WINNER: Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series/Musical or Comedy – Donald Glover, Atlanta

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20177:29 pm

No surprise here. Both best drama and comedy series also won for their leads. Big night for FX with four Globes for ‘Atlanta’ and ‘People v. O.J. Simpson’, with AMC (3) and Netflix (2) also multiple winners. One statuette for the broadcast nets, represented by ABC’s ‘Black-ish.” Left out — the leader in number of nominations, HBO.

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20177:32 pm

No surprise here, both best comedy and drama series winners also won for their leads. Big night for FX, winner of 4 Golden Globes for ‘Atlanta’ and ‘People v. O.J. Simpson’, including two best series trophies. Also leaving with multiple statuettes — AMC (3 for The Night Manager) and Netflix (2 for The Crown). Left out — the leader in number of nominations, HBO.

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20177:33 pm

WINNER: Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture/Musical or Comedy – Emma Stone, La La Land

Mike Fleming January 8, 20177:35 pm

So that makes six for six, and you have to like La La Land’s chances to win Best Picture Comedy or Musical. Definitely solidifies La La Land’s frontrunner position and adds to the film’s momentum at a time when Oscar voters are filling out ballots. Let’s see what this does to spike the film’s gross of about $51.7 million domestic so far. The movie could well turn into a juggernaut.  

Mike Fleming January 8, 20177:43 pm

Jimmy Fallon’s schtick is unbearable. Chastain and the Redmayne? Reminds of David Letterman’s painful Uma, Oprah bit from Oscars years ago. 

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20177:44 pm

WINNER: Best Motion Picture/Musical or Comedy – La La Land (Lionsgate)

Mike Fleming January 8, 20177:47 pm

So La La Land producer Marc Platt actually has something empowering and worthy to say about the power of film, in accepting something as important as Best Picture, and they play him off? What a shit show this Golden Globes has been. 

Mike Fleming January 8, 20177:50 pm

So La La Land producer Marc Platt has something worthy and empowering to say about the power of film, in accepting an award as important as Best Picture, and they play him off? I’m sure they are pressed for time, but yowza that wasn’t graceful. 

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20177:51 pm

WINNER: Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture/Drama – Casey Affleck, Manchester By The Sea

Mike Fleming January 8, 20177:55 pm

The Globes producers might want to consider that allowing early awards recipients to go long created this situation where they are time pressed, and now have to force winners of the top prizes to be brief. It seemed like they began playing off Best Actor winner Casey Affleck the moment he took the stage. He didn’t go on for that long. Seems amateurish. 

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20177:58 pm

WINNER: Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture/Drama – Isabelle Huppert, Elle

Mike Fleming January 8, 20178:00 pm

Isabelle Huppert has a puncher’s chance at Best Actress. with Viola Davis competing in Best Supporting Actress. The Hollywood Foreign Press undoubtedly loves her, but she has a shot, despite the fine perfs turned in by Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain, Ruth Negga and Natalie Portman. 

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20178:01 pm

She is amazing, seeing her in ‘La dentellière’ had a huge impact on me when I was growing up.

Patrick Hipes January 8, 20178:02 pm

WINNER: Best Motion Picture/Drama – Moonlight (A24)

Mike Fleming January 8, 20178:04 pm

Moonlight saved its big moment for last. Big win and it certainly seems to set up a Best Picture match with La La Land. 

Nellie Andreeva January 8, 20178:11 pm

In TV, it was a big night for FX. But most of all, it was a night when most winners used their time in the spotlight to reflect on the political change in the country and make a stand.