During a year when the leading Republican presidential candidate won the head office off an inflammatory rhetoric and a groundswell of bigoted hate group support, along comes a Disney movie that promotes equality and battles fear-based sentiment.

Animated films take years to make, so how did the filmmakers behind Zootopiawhich just notched a Golden Globe nomination for best animated film today– know that Donald Trump would reign supreme in 2016?

Producer Clark Spencer explains here at Deadline’s Contenders that it all started five years ago with a conversation about animals; that prey creatures account for 90% of the kingdom and 10% predators. No one was predicting the raise of Trump. “We used animation as an allegory to talk about bias,” says Spencer who won a 2013 PGA award for outstanding producer of an animated pic for Wreck-It Ralph. 

Among Spencer’s awards pedigree, Wreck-It Ralph also received a Golden Globe and Oscar nod in the animation category, ditto for his Lilo & Stitch, while Bolt earned an Oscar nomination and two Golden Globe noms (pic was also recognized for best original song “I Thought I Lost You” by Miley Cyrus and Jeffrey Steele).

In addition, Spencer reveals here how Zootopia‘s writing team broke the most hysterical scene in cinema this year: the Sloth sequence at the DMV.