Call it Stormy Tuesday: A TV channel dedicated to reporting the weather has called out a conservative media site for denying climate change. But it’s not just any meteorological outlet or widely read online news source: It’s the Weather Channel vs. Breitbart. Here’s the opening salvo:

The result apparently was Breitbart laughing itself to tears:

It’s not breaking news to note that Breitbart — whose chairman was named as Chief Strategist to President-elect Donald Trump last month — has been, say, cool on the whole notion of climate change. Witness its recent story headlined, “Global Temperatures Plunge. Icy Silence from Climate Alarmists.” (Note: Global warming ≠ no winters.) But by calling said post out (see below), does the Weather Channel risk offending a good chunk of its viewers?

When the channel went dark on DirecTV in a carriage crisis nearly three years ago, Deadline’s story about it drew more than 1,100 comments, one of which said “trillions of people depend of Weather Channel.” A slew of the comments came from people who said they live in rural areas and rely on the satcaster to carry the Weather Channel to keep them appraised of, you know, the weather. One look at the Electoral College results from a month ago, and it’s obvious that a bulk of the Weather Channel’s viewership is represented from within.

As the storm clouds gather, here is a video featuring Weather Channel scientist Kait Parker refuting Brietbart’s December 1 story about that chill in the air: