In hyperdrive, Disney/Lucasfilm’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story sped past the $400M worldwide mark on Thursday with a global cume of $419.8M. That’s off of a total $31.7M Thursday take which boils down to $16.7M domestic and $15M at the international box office. The offshore total is now $197.9M which will push Rogue One past $200M today abroad.

The 7% drop that we’re seeing on Rogue One‘s international hold from Wednesday to Thursday is in keeping with a similar dip for Star Wars: The Force Awakens last year around the same calendar dates. TFA‘s December 22 to December 23 drop was precisely 7% as the Christmas holiday neared in the mid-week. Conversely, Tuesday and Wednesday on Rogue One were up each day in post-debut-frame holds while TFA had slowed by a fraction in 2015. TFA’s Thursday was $20M for a 48% drop. But, the Thursday was Christmas Eve which always takes a big hit internationally.

Rogue One is currently running at about 50% of TFA internationally which is right where the standalone spinoff was expected at this point. The Gareth Edwards-helmed film has audiences in its tractor beam thanks to strong reviews and word of mouth.

It is likely Rogue One will see what appear to be bigger drops versus its franchise cousin, TFA, this weekend given Christmas Eve this year falls on a Saturday. December 24 is traditionally a softer movie-going day both domestically and in some offshore hubs where many cinemas are closed in Europe and Latin America. What’s more, the lead overseas market on Rogue One is the UK where cinemas are generally closed on Christmas Day — a Sunday this year.

The UK does continue to lead with a $3.4M Thursday for a $35.1M cume. Germany was the next best play on Thursday with $1.7M to take the total there to $18.1M. France — where Rogue One scored the best opening week of any film in 2016 at 1.8M admissions — has a $16.5M cume through Thursday. Australia ($16.1M) and Japan ($11.6M) round out the Top 5.