Relativity has even more cheery news for its employees this holiday season — no paychecks and oh, by the way, some of you are being laid off. Nice, eh? The company, which claims to have YuuZoo as a backer, has stopped paying its employees and has given pink slips to a number of others, according to sources.

Those affected by layoffs are said to be in finance and administrative support — and this is happening all the while saying that they are emerging from bankruptcy for a second go-round. Second go around for what? The drain? Stay tuned, but for what we don’t know anymore. Since being questioned by Deadline at noon about this, Relativity and its reps have remained silent. As silent as cash registers will be for employees trying to buy gifts for their loved ones. Or even pay rent and utilities.

At least, employees at EuropaCorp’s Red are in the black. They were not affected.

Our sister site Variety first reported the furlough news.