There’s celebrating New Years Eve, and there’s celebrating New Year’s Eve. Where Don Lemon falls on that scale depends on where you rank “doing things you weren’t allowed to do when you were a kid”. Like get your ears pierced, which the CNN anchor did tonight during CNN’s live New Year’s Eve coverage. It seems the CNN NYE team have been partying – and commentating – on the night’s festivities and Don… well you can see for yourself in the video above.

As party games go, the 12 year old in me says it’s great, while the adult in me also says it’s great. But then I’m covered in Nintendo tattoos, so follow your bliss I always say. I’m just trying to decide if I’m glad, or disappointed, that Don didn’t get blood all over his jacket.

In any case, how are all you out there celebrating the transition to 2017? Are you working, heroically I might add, while your colleagues are off? Are you throwing a party? Or, as is most likely, are you currently reading this tomorrow morning nursing a monster hangover? Sound off in comments and let us know if you ended up with any drunken body modifications of your own.