UPDATED: A week ago, Catastrophe co-creator and star Sharon Horgan posted a photo of her and Carrie Fisher as they were filming the upcoming Season 3 of the Channel 4/Amazon comedy series in London. “Me, General Leia and Kylo Ren’s hand on the set of #catastrophe3,” Horgan captioned the December 20 picture. Seven days later, Hargon reposted the photo of what would be Fisher’s last acting gig with a new message following the Star Wars icon’s death:

Fisher was reprising her recurring role as Rob’s (co-creator/star Rob Delaney) mother on Catastrophe, which just wrapped production on its third season.

In a tribute published by The Guardian on Wednesday, Delaney revealed that Fisher is “a bigger part of series three than she was of the first two series. We couldn’t help but write more for her because she’s so brilliant.”

“I revered Carrie until I met her and then I loved her,” Delaney wrote, sharing a couple of anecdotes from Fisher’s work on the show. “Carrie was the only cast member Sharon and I would let improvise. (I say “let”; as if we could stop her. She let us put her in our show.) We’re a bit despotic and inflexible with our dialogue because we’re insane, but Carrie was more insane and would always, always make it funnier and better. In episode one of series two you can hear her singing an improvised song about areolae in the background of our daughter’s christening party.

And she was kind too. One day I was having a hard time because I was feeling guilty about being on set pretending to have a hard time managing a young family while my real-life wife tended to our three kids under the age of five, one of whom was a newborn. She was very sweet and understanding and the next day she brought me a tin of biscuits shaped like syringes and thermometers and other medical things and said she was ‘prescribing me cookies’.”

At a Tribeca event earlier this year, Horgan reminisced about how she and Delaney instantly knew Fisher was perfect for the role when they watched her present at the Attitude Awards in London. “I turned to Rob, and I went, ‘That’s your awful mother!'” Horgan said. They reached out to Fisher right away. “We still to this day can’t believe that you said yes,” Horgan added.

Why did Fisher say yes? “I did really want to play an awful person,” Fisher said at the same event. “There are not a lot of choices for women past 27. I don’t wait by the phone.”

Fisher has gotten a lot of attention for her showy part on the series, which has drawn critical praise. Horgan and Delaney shared an Emmy nomination this year for writing the pilot. Season 3 is slated to air next year, when Fisher also reprises her iconic role as General Leia in Star Wars: Episode VIII, which she wrapped earlier this year and has some unaired episodes of Fox’s Family Guy, on which she has had a recurring voice role. Series creator Seth MacFarlane tweeted shortly after Fisher’s death,