After missing last week’s Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin seems to be bringing his Critics’ Choice-winning Donald Trump character back for tonight’s episode. In two tweets this morning (see them below), Baldwin announces his return tonight, and in one appears in his Trump garb.

“I won’t apple-agize,” Baldwin wrote in his first tweet, a reference to an earlier joke in which his Trump can’t form the word “apologize.”

In a second tweet a minute later, Baldwin included a picture of himself in his now-familiar Trump garb, followed by “@snl tonight.”

Last week, the SNL cold open was built around a surprise visit by Bryan Cranston as his Breaking Bad character Walter White. The joke: An (unseen) Trump had named the meth-dealer to head the DEA.

Tonight’s episode is hosted by Casey Affleck, with musical guest Chance the Rapper.

Baldwin clearly is in fighting mode, beginning his day with a non-SNL-related tweet, comparing Trump to a biker named Wayne brought home by, well, see for yourself:

Trump has repeatedly trashed Baldwin’s impersonation, most recently tweeting that SNL is now “unwatchable.” But with Baldwin back on board, can Trump resist? Stay tuned…