“This is it, the end of the Presidential race, and feels like the end of the world,” Trevor Noah said at the start of a live The Daily Show tonight on Comedy Central. “I don’t know if you came to the right place for jokes tonight — this is the first time throughout the entire race that I’m sh*tting my pants,” a clearly downcast Noah added. “I genuinely don’t know how America can be this disorganized or this hateful.”

What a difference four years can make if you think that this time on Election Night in 2012, Barack Obama was on the cusp of winning re-election and Stephen Colbert was just starting Comedy Central’s live coverage. Tonight, Donald Trump is in the lead over Hillary Clinton, Colbert is on Showtime, and the Noah-fronted The Daily Show was flipping out. “No, No, Please, No, Oh God, No!!,” the show started with a graphic. “Noooooooo!!!!!!”

Pulling out of his funk, Noah reminded viewers that Obama is still in office and Clinton is still in the running, though behind — and that’s causing chaos around the globe financially.

“Which means if Trump does win, Mexico can’t afford to pay for that wall,” Noah said of the collapsing peso, as Trump — the man who swore to keep people from crossing the border with a wall that he would make our Southern neighbor foot the bill for — looks more and more likely to be heading to 270 Electoral College votes. “I can’t front, I’m very much afraid.”

Even before The Daily Show went live tonight, well, as you can see:

After a few pre-taped segments with correspondents trying to squeeze out levity, Noah tonight agreed with his “heartbroken” first guest Ana Marie Cox that America is “more racist and more sexist that I had wanted to believe.” The MTV News correspondent added, “It’s not funny and it’s not something to laugh about.”