You don’t have to be a Walking Dead disciple to recognize the best bit of last night’s Saturday Night Live. In a pre-taped short parody of The Walking Dead‘s infamous elimination-via-baseball bat scene, host Dave Chappelle played not only the death-giving Negan but a line-up of potential victims recruited from Comedy Central’s late, great Chappelle’s Show.

Lil Jon, crack addict Tyrone Biggums, white newsman Chuck Taylor, blind (and black) white supremacist Clayton Bigsby and, best of all, a couple Player Haters were among the kneeling doomed. Watch the video above to see who takes the hit, and hope against hope Chappelle resurrects these characters somewhere, somehow on a regular basis.

Another highlight of the SNL episode was the pre-taped “Love and Leslie,” with cast member Leslie Jones sharing her love life tribulations before revealing her secret office affair…with Kyle Mooney. The bit – playing mostly off the duo’s odd couple personalities – shouldn’t have been nearly as funny as it was. Check it out here:

And finally, in the latest installment of the “Last Call” bit, in which late-night barroom hook-ups come to the not-so-young and desperately restless, Chappelle and McKinnon take on this week’s pathetic horndogs. Kenan Thompson reprises as the grossed-out bartender, proving yet again that being a one-trick-pony isn’t so bad if you’ve got the right trick.

Here it is: