Dr. Phil took a lot of grief about his interview with Shelley Duvall last week, with many accusing him of exploiting the troubled star. But because of the show, The Actors Fund is now reaching out to try and help with financial aid and any other assistance she may need.


The organization’s strict confidentiality rules prohibit discussing clients. But since Duvall is not a client yet, the fund can say it is reaching out to the Dr. Phil show to put them in contact with her.

During Friday’s show, Dr. Phil host Phil McGraw said the show tried to help Duvall, getting her into a treatment facility. But after three days there, he told his audience, “She refused to take any medications and she would not sign the paperwork required to treat her.”

“She was accompanied by trained professionals and was safely returned to her family and boyfriend at home,” McGraw said. “We are happy to report that we are now working directly with Shelley’s mother and are providing Shelley treatment from a group of local professionals who, due to her refusal to take medication, will use alternative methods to treat her.”

The Actors Fund says it’s ready to provide a much wider range of help, from social services to direct financial assistance.

“We often reach out to people when we hear in the press that they’ve fallen on hard times, and we’d be happy to help her in any way that we can,” said Keith McNutt, director of the fund’s western region.