UPDATE with video: Taking one last stab at talking Donald Trump out of a move into the White House, Seth Meyers upped NBC’s offer to star the real estate developer in a POTUS drama called Chicago President. NBC, via Meyers and without the network’s sanction, has increased the order to 22 episodes and promised the vehicle the net’s coveted 10 PM Monday time slot, immediately following The Voice.

“This offer stands until Inauguration Day,” Meyers says on tonight’s Late Night, joining the pantheon of late-night hosts who tackled Trump’s stunning election upset the previous night. “C’mon, you didn’t think you were going to win this thing either, and I’m guessing that right now you are spinning out. You’re probably looking at a map of the United States and thinking, ‘Wait, how long does this wall have to be?’

“And I can’t imagine the people you had to call this morning to say, ‘Hey, I guess Trump TV is on hold for now. Why? Because I have to be the president.’ Not to mention the fact that you’re going to have to give Rudy Giuliani a job and then hang out with him, and I don’t have to tell you, he is batsh*t crazy.”

Donald Trump

Meyers acknowledged he’s been wrong about Trump literally every step of his presidential run.

“But the good news is, based on this pattern of me being wrong on every one of my Donald Trump predictions, he’s probably going to be a great f*cking President.”

Meyers thinks he has cause to be hopeful: “We know from interviews he’s given over the years that he has, at any given point, held every position on every issue. He’s been pro-choice, pro-life, for the Iraq War, against the Iraq War, pretty much his only consistent position has been anti-Rosie O’Donnell…So I’m hopeful that he’s not actually a racist, and that he just used racist rhetoric to court voters.”

Meyers noted Trump made a boatload of huge promises as to what he’s going to do in the next four years.

“And so, I’d just like to make one promise to him: We here at Late Night will be watching.”