It’s no secret that Fox News anchor Sean Hannity has been one of the media’s biggest Donald Trump cheerleaders. So maybe we should have expected something like this — but not exactly like this. The primetime Hannity host today used the only platform media types have of reaching Trump — Twitter — to call on the president-elect to ban access to Fox News’ rivals:

“Fair and balanced” over “fake news.” Seems legit.

Hannity also posted some pro-Trump/anti-media tweets on Tuesday, commenting on the president-elect’s meeting with New York Times staffers behind closed doors. To wit:

Hannity continued the Trump praising and media bashing in a post today on Fox News’ Opinion site. “President-elect Donald Trump continued his beatdown of the abusively biased, alt-radical left mainstream media this week,” he wrote, “calling out the press that openly colluded with the Clinton campaign and tried to undermine his candidacy every single step of the way. In that post and in related tweets, the anchor singled out CNN honcho Jeff Zucker and ABC’s Martha Raddatz, who had moderated the second presidential debate in October.

Hannity hosted a high-rated Fox News town hall with Trump in August — and it fueled Hannity to No. 1 for the night among cable news programs in the 25-54 demo.