EXCLUSIVE: Proving yet again that the Black List has become a hotbed for writers looking to sell their scripts, Roland Emmerich’s Centropolis Entertainment just scooped up the spec Scarletville from screenwriter Jason Young. The spec hit the Black List for a nanosecond, was read and then bought outright by Centropolis. Described as a thriller in the vein of Blood Simple or Red Rock West, the edge-of-your-seat story’s logline: “When a deadly criminal shows up in the deceptively-quiet, small town of Scarletville, a diner owner named Hank must spin a series of dark and twisted stories in order to delay the felon long enough for the law to arrive.”

Jason Young

This is the first script sale for Young. Marco Shepherd, Centropolis’ head of production and development, brought the project to the company and will produce along with Monte Young and Jean de Meuron.

Young, who resides in Edmonton, was repped in the deal by Paradigm, managers Circle of Confusion and Integral Artists. Centropolis Entertainment is repped by attorney John Diemer. Producers Marco Shepherd, Monte Young and Jean de Meuron are repped by attorney Ben Reder.