Looks like the Trump election is going to open up at least one small-business opportunity: HBO has no plans to manufacture or sell those royal blue “We’re Still Here” ball caps unveiled on Real Time With Bill Maher last night.

Contacted by Deadline this morning, HBO spokespersons said they knew of no plans to expand into the milliner business. “Unlikely,” said one. “Not that I know of,” said another.


HBO’s reluctance might be an open door for someone else. Already, at least one quick-thinking Etsy seller going by the name Jimmy the Printer moved fast to put up a $14.99 version for sale this morning. (Deadline is not endorsing or otherwise voting on Jimmy’s hats).

During last night’s Real Time, Maher donned and distributed the blue hat as a response to Donald Trump’s ubiquitous red “Make America Great Again” ball caps. Maher said the “We’re Still Here” slogan is a reminder that anti-Trump Americans aren’t going away. He invited viewers to join his “Resistance,” and handed out the hats to audience members at the end of the season finale.

At least some Deadline readers seemed primed.

“Where can we buy the blue, “We’re still here” caps? I’d love to wear one!,” asked a commenter on this Deadline story.

Said another: “We can raise a lot of money for the resistence if we can sell these at a good price. I’ve seen them on YouTube, and I want one, if only to tell the racists and anti-semites here where I live in France that the game is up.”

Snarked a spell-checking likely red-hatter: “LMAO, ‘the resistance.’ ”