Masi Oka, who has been with CBS procedural Hawaii Five-O since the first season as a recurring, then as a series regular from Season 2 on, is exiting the show.

The upcoming 13th episode will be his last, as his character Dr. Max Bergman, moves to Africa with his new bride Sabrina (Rumer Willis). Oka tells EW, which first reported the news, that he made the decision to leave the show because he felt the character had run its course. Max “had done too much of everything he can do,” so it was a natural point for him to leave the show, he told EW. Oka also had been commuting to Hawaii to shoot, sometimes making as many as 18 round trips a year, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to keep up the rigors of the schedule.

Oka did leave open the possibility that his character could return at some point.

He also had a long run as Hiro Nakamura on Heroes and reprised the role for last year’s Heroes Reborn. Oka also appeared with the features Jobs and Friends with Benefits.