Former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson, who filed that first sexual harassment lawsuit against former Fox News chief Roger Ailes, will be interviewed by ABC News’s 20/20 for a full hour on the subject of sexual harassment. Crossing Lines: Women and Men at Work airs Friday.

Carlson won’t be the only person interviewed for the broadcast. But, as described by ABC, other interviews in the hour will state the obvious. A former Wall Street trader, Sam Polk, will talk about the “sexist atmosphere” he observed at the workplace. A female former human resources executive, Cynthia Shapiro, will explain that HR departments might not always be on the employees’ side when it comes to a complaint of sexual harassment.

Carlson, however, is giving her first TV interview about the lawsuit she filed against former Fox News chairman and CEO Ailes, who stepped down after mounting pressure came from additional employees with similar accusations. Ailes denied Carlson’s claims; 21st Century Fox settled the lawsuit with Carlson for $20 million and issued a public apology.