Fox has put in development two more single-camera comedy projects, Otis the POTUS, written by Richard Murphy, and Linda From HR, written by Geoff Barbanell and Itai Grunfeld. The projects hail from Tracy Katsky’s Kat Co., under the company’s production partnership with Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment, and 20th Century Fox TV.


Otis the POTUS, which has received a script commitment plus penalty, centers on Otis Chucker. After his doppelgänger is elected president, Otis, the black sheep of a dysfunctional, blue-collar family in Cleveland, cashes in his genetic lottery ticket and becomes a presidential impersonator. Murphy executive produces with Kaplan, Katsky and Dana Honor.

Linda From HR centers on the eponymous heroine. Every office in America has a Linda from HR. We all know her. She’s good for a hallway wave, a “how are the kids” and, once a year, buys the supermarket cake for your birthday. What you don’t know is Linda, bored with her life, had an affair. Unfortunately, it was a honey trap. Now, to keep the affair a secret from her family, Linda is forced to spy on her company, sabotaging it from the inside. A serialized comedy about Linda from HR, who, it turns out, we don’t know at all. Barbanell and Grunfeld executive produce with Kaplan, Katsky and Honor.

This marks Barbanell and Grunfeld’s second collaboration with Katsky via Kapital at Fox, joining the animated comedy presentation Botcop.