Our next president says he will keep tweeting from the White House in order to battle the media.

“It’s a modern form of communication. Between…Facebook and Twitter and, I guess Instagram, I have 28 million people,” he boasts to CBS News’s 60 Minutes.

That, in answer to a question from Lesley Stahl as to whether he’s going to “keep up with tweeting” about “whatever you’re upset about” once he’s sworn in.

“So you are going to keep it up?” she asked again.

“It’s a great form of communication… I think I picked up yesterday 100,000 people,” he said in the interview, taped late last week and airing tonight.

“When you give me a bad story, or when you give me an inaccurate story, or when somebody other than you and another, a network, or whatever, because of course, CBS would never do a thing like that right? I have a method of fighting back. That’s very tough–”

“But you’re going to do that as President?” she asked, again, making three times in all.

Trump backpedaled a bit, then pushed forward:

“I’m going to be very restrained, if I use it at all,” he began. Then continued:

“I find it tremendous. It’s a modern form of communication. There should be nothing we should be ashamed of. It’s  where it’s at…I have such power in terms of numbers with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I think it helped me win all of these races where they’re spending much more money than I spent…Social media has more power than the money they spent, and I think maybe, to a certain extent, I proved that.”