UPDATED with video: Late Show host Stephen Colbert, now back on CBS but only partially recovered from his live Election Night Showtime special trauma, noted that while he’s having to periodically put on bedazzled kitten ears to cope with Trump’s election, Hillary Clinton is taking it like, well, a leader.

“You know who’s taking this strangely well? Hillary Clinton, even though the possible first female president lost to a crotch grabbing beauty pageant owner,” Stephen Colbert said unhappily the night after Donald Trump beat her in the Electoral College to become our 45th POTUS-elect. “Listen to what she said this morning,” Colbert told the studio audience for his live post-election Late Show.

Cue up clip of Hillary’s concession speech: “Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.”

“How are you already accepting this?” Colbert asked Clinton, in absentia.  “Did you pay extra for the Fast Pass Through the Five Stages of Grief?”

Colbert had hosted his Election Night live show on CBS’s pay-cable cousin Showtime. Free of the CBS Decency Police, the one-hour late-night special included the always-welcome nudity and naughty language, but mostly overflowed with despair, which was a problem because it was supposed to be a comedy show.

Getting back to Hillary Clinton, Colbert said, “You know acceptance is last, right? You gotta go through each stage. The first three are easy to remember – Denial, Anger, and Bargaining, because that was Trump’s campaign strategy. Then you’ve got depression, then acceptance. Then dramatic haircut, and rebound boyfriend.”