Steve Bannon Appears On South Park” Breitbart headlined when its exec chairman-turned-Donald Trump chief strategist made his animated debut in the biting Comedy Central show’s “Members Only” episode last night.

The website that’s become a household name since mainstream media lost its mind over Bannon being named to a top spot in Trump’s cabinet played it straight in its coverage of the episode. Mainstream Media, meanwhile, feasted on the episode, in which South Park struggled to keep up with the waves of material coming out of Washington since Trump was elected our 45th president.

Comedy Central

Eight episodes in to its 10-episode 20th season, the animated Comedy Central satire has been devoted to savaging this year’s election.

“Another reason liberals will lose their little minds, South Park is humanizing Stephen Bannon. This, the tolerant left cannot tolerate,” one person commented on the post.

“I’ve never bought a South Park season box set but if Milo Yianapolis gets to be spoofed on south park I will buy it in an instant,” raved another.

In the episode, Animated Bannon reassures White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus that the transition of Mr. Garrison, who is South Park’s Donald Trump character, will be smooth; meanwhile, Garrison starts exacting revenge on those who opposed him during the election. “All indications are the transition is going to be fine,” he says. Garrison has been fitted with a new hair-helmet and is taking on more Trump ticks.