Donald Trump underestimated the amount of public scrutiny he would come under while running for the White House, scrutiny that may hit him in his wallet, Late Night host Seth Meyers said.

This long campaign has unearthed all kinds of deeply unflattering information about the real estate magnate.

Trump also is famously resistant to listening to other people. But his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has found a way to get advice across to him, by talking to him on TV. “A way you can communicate with him is you go on TV to communicate” she has been quoted as saying.

“They have to go on TV and then make Trump watch it to communicate with him,” Meyers marveled. “Even by his own campaign’s account, Trump is a child who has to be manipulated to listen to his aides.”

Meyers also brought his viewers up to speed on a new WaPo report on Trump’s philanthropic efforts. In the article, WaPo says the GOP nominee’s crashed a 1996 ribbon cutting ceremony in New York for a new nursery school for children with AIDS,  though he had not given the group any money, and wasn’t invited. Nonetheless, WaPo wrote over the weekend, Trump sat on stage in a chair that had been reserved for a donor, and then left without giving any money.

One night earlier, Meyers took a closer look at FBI director James Comey’s announcement the bureau had discovered discovered more emails that might be relevant to the investigation of Dem nominee Hillary Clinton’s private server.