President-elect Donald Trump had a good time last night with a surprise press pool ditching visit to the 21 Club for dinner and afterwards an early morning return to Twitter to attack the “failing” New York Times – again. If this is the “restrained” approach to social media that the former Apprentice host told 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl he would be taking in the future, top advisor Steve Bannon or incoming chief of staff Reince Priebus might want to try to change the password on those online launch codes.

Picking up on the tone and temperament of his November 13 tweetstorm against the Grey Lady, the PEOTUS started up rebuking widely reported claims that he wanted his children to receive top tier security access.

Then Trump doubled down on the NYT specifically, claiming they were wrong in a story that posted yesterday on the “disarray” of his transition team and who has called to say “Hi!”

Point of fact, the NYT actually said in its that “prominent American allies were in the meantime scrambling to figure out how and when to contact Mr. Trump.” It did not say that the President-elect had not spoken to leaders of other nations. Previously reports have cited Trump having conversations with the likes of Russian President Vladimir Putin, UK  and Canadian PMs Theresa May and Justin Trudeau since last week’s election.

This weekend when the NYT responded to Trump’s claims and taunts by stating on Twitter themselves that they have seen a “surge in new subscriptions, print & digital.” Today, the paper released a statement that said in part, “We are incredibly proud of their work and we will never alter our approach to reporting the facts, without fear or favor, as we have always done.”

With talk radio host Laura Ingraham among the names supposedly on the list for Press Secretary in the Trump White House, we may say now that could be the second hardest job in the new administration – depending on who actually gets the gig.