The Weinstein Company traditionally kicks off our annual all-day awards-season event, The Contenders Presented By Deadline, which this year was held November 5 at the DGA theater in West Hollywood. And so it was as the company — always one to be counted on for a few contenders — presented their specially produced reel and brought out some of the actors and filmmakers involved to talk to the packed house full of Oscar and key guild voters.


One of those films this year was Lionwhich opens Friday and already is packing an emotional wallop. The true story of a young Indian boy named Saroo who becomes hopelessly lost and separated from his family in India, only to wind up on another continent where he is eventually adopted by an Australian family, is an amazing tale of someone’s unending search to rediscover their roots. Dev Patel, who stars as the older Saroo, and screenwriter Luke Davies told the story of how the film came to be, why it is so important and inspiring, and even how Patel showed up unannounced on Davies’ doorstep to lay claim to the role before, as it turns out, the script had even been written.

Check out our conversation above.