CNN announced this afternoon, a few hours after Corey Lewandowski was seen arriving at Trump Tower, that the president-elect’s former campaign chief no longer serves as the cable news network’s paid Trump surrogate.

CNN said Lewandowski resigned, effective immediately, because, see above.

Lewandowski paid a visit to Trump Tower this morning as the new administration is taking shape. Team Trump already has announced Chris Christie’s demotion from chief of the transition efforts, giving that title instead to Veep-elect Mike Pence.

Lewandowski was the Trump campaign’s original manager but got fired in June, after he grabbed a female reporter as she tried to buttonhole the former Apprentice star during a campaign rally. CNN hired him days later as a commentator, though he was bound by a nondisclosure agreement and received severance payments from the Trump campaign.

At the time it was presumed CNN never would put Lewandowski in a roundtable of talking heads with CNN contributors S.E. Cupp or Mary Katherine Hamm,. That’s because they were among the female journalists/TV commentators who had signed a petition demanding Trump sack Lewandowski after the reporter-grabbing incident then called her “delusional” when she went public with her account, adding “I never touched you. As a matter of fact I have never even met you.” Except video emerged showing otherwise during the March campaign event.

Back then, CNN had reported its future commentator subsequently was arrested and charged in Jupiter, FL, with simple battery, after turning himself in on the misdemeanor charge. In April, the Palm Beach County Florida State Attorney announced the state would not charge him with a crime.

Among Lewandowski’s accomplishments, FNC also reported he threatened Megyn Kelly back in January, when his boss was unhappy that she was going to co-moderate Fox News’ next GOP debate, as she had the first.

On the day Lewandowski was escorted from Trump Tower and relieved of his campaign duties, CNN reminisced about the “trail of bizarre moments” for which it would remember him, including his having threatened to revoke credentials from reporters who didn’t follow his orders.

Late-night comics had a field day when CNN turned around and hired him. Stephen Colbert, for instance, tweeted, “Corey, does this mean you won’t be taking that position at the National Organization for Women?”

Lewandowski’s slam-bang finish at CNN went like this: