One of this year’s Best Actor front-runners, Casey Affleck, came to the set of my new Deadline video series The Actor’s Side With Pete Hammond for an in-depth discussion about what makes him tick on stage and screen — particularly in how he approached his new highly acclaimed movie Manchester By The Sea.


Roadside Attractions is handling the Amazon release, which the streaming service acquired out of Sundance for $10 million. Last weekend, the movie got off to a great start at the box office with the fourth-best theater average of 2016 with $64K a venue.

Affleck sat down with me to talk about the great privilege of working with writer-director Kenneth Lonergan on the project, which he said came together very quickly, after original star Matt Damon (who remains as a producer) had to drop out. In our discussion, Affleck, who hails from the same state the movie is set in, talks about his preferred methods for working. He has high regard for acting situations that inspire “conflict, chaos and uncertainty,” although it sounds like the experience of making Manchester turned out to be none of those things.

Check out our conversation above.