UPDATE with video Ex-Saturday Night Live man — and forever Cubs fan — Bill Murray made a surprise appearance on his old show tonight, appearing with three of the World Series winners in a Weekend Update bit. Singing a barbershop quartet style version of an old ditty (“Hey Chicago what do you say, the Cubs are going to win today!”) Murray and Cubs Anthony Rizzo, David Ross and Dexter Fowler celebrated this week’s long-awaited victory.

The episode was hosted by Benedict Cumberbatch, with musical guest Solange, but Murray and Carvey were the sentimental favorites. Just listen to the audience reaction when Murray reveals himself among the choirboys in the video above. Sure, the bit could have been funnier, but really, who cares? Bill Murray back on SNL and the Chicago Cubs crowing about a World Series win — don’t look to me for complaints.

In another unexpected visit, Dana Carvey reprised his Church Lady — inarguablyn one of SNL‘s all-time great characters — to pontificate against Weekend Update’s Colin Jost, “Anthony’s Weiner,” Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, homosexual-filled Hollywood, Satan and various sinners. Oh, she does like one thing: Westworld. Well, isn’t that special. It went like this: