Updated with video: President Barack Obama made a “surprise” visit to Stephen Colbert’s Late Show tonight, except it was taped last week as we learned from Obama’s press pack, who were not too happy to be kept waiting while the comedy bit was being shot.

Colbert is Randy the office manager, in a mustache. He’s helping Obama polish his resume since it’s about to be out of a job.

“Fifty five is a tough time to start over,” Randy tells Obama.

Randy wonders why Obama has not received any promotions in the past eight years. Randy also is confused that Obama can’t stay in his job, but is not being terminated. Obama explains it’s required by the 26th Amendment. Randy warns that if he says that to a prospective employer, they’re going to hear “you stole office supplies.”

“Where were you born?” Randy asks.

“Really?” Obama responds.

Who can Randy talk to for reference purposes?
“I know several turkeys who owe me a favor,” Obama replies, by now looking labout as happy to be participating in this extended gag as are American voters with the two major-party candidates, according to polling.

Randy asks Obama about his choice of snack food because he’s not allowed to ask POTUS to endorse one of the presidential candidates on network TV. He instead offers Obama his choice of an extra-fiber nutrient bar which has traveled to 100 countries, or a shriveled tangerine covered in golden retriever hair and filled with bile that should not be left alone with a woman.