In what is believed to be a late-night first, Late Show with Stephen Colbert will swap out the opening of tonight’s repeat broadcast with a new one, in which Colbert weighs in on Sunday’s second presidential debate.

The new opening, Late Show’s We’re Not Working Post Debate Spectacular: Home Edition was shot in the study of Colbert’s house.  Colbert is joined by co-host Adorable Undecided Kitty, who helps Colbert illustrate, without running afoul of the CBS Decency Police, some of the more sensational bits of the lewd leaked audio/video tape about which GOP candidate Donald Trump took questions at the debate.

“I don’t think that’s what Donald Trump’s advisers meant when they told him to reach out to women,” Colbert speculates of Trump’s tape revelations, leaked to Washington Post when NBC News and Access Hollywood dragged their feet getting it out.

“It was a really disturbing weekend, especially for parents who had to sit down and explain to their kids who Billy Bush was,” Colbert said.

Unlike the first debate, at Sunday’s smackdown there was no opening handshake between the candidates. “In Hillary Clinton’s defense she now knows where that hand has been,” Colbert explained.