Donald Trump delivered his own Gettysburg Address over the weekend, on the actual battlefield where the tide turned against the Confederacy during the Civil War, because he “feels a kinship with lost causes that will haunt our country for generations,” Stephen Colbert explained on CBS’ The Late Show.

In his own Gettysburg Address, the GOP nominee promised to heal a divided nation – and sue all those women who have claimed he treated them inappropriately in the past.

We are a “divided nation,” Trump noted. Colbert agreed. “It’s true. America is divided between those who think Trump will lose because the election is rigged and those who think he will lose because it is not.”

To Trump’s credit, he stayed focused on his message of uniting the country – for about 45 seconds, before announcing his intention to take legal action against all of the women who have come forward since the release of that Access Hollywood tape from 2005 in which the real estate mogul-turned-reality TV star boasted about being able to grope women with impunity.

To make sure viewers got the point, Late Show trotted out its ghost of Abraham Lincoln to explain that Trump’s remarks are, in fact, similar to the first draft of his own Gettysburg Address. Watch the clip above.