Hillary Clinton isn’t the only one baiting GOP candidate Donald Trump these days.

Stephen Colbert opened Late Show, per usual these days, with a segment on Trump, catching up viewers on the weekend’s developments, including a New York Times report that the real estate mogul lost nearly a billion dollars in the late 90’s on three casinos. “Only a genius can lose a billion dollars running a casino.”

Moving on. Colbert dove into an AP report in which former co-workers on NBC’s The Apprentice accused Trump of sexually harassing women who worked on/participated in the reality competition series. AP interviewed series co-workers who claimed Trump openly discussed which female contestants he would most like to have sex with speculating who would be a “tiger in bed”. “Of course, the truth is Trump is the real tiger in bed,” Colbert insisted. “He’s orange, he has got a lot of hair. And every day he refuses to come on this show, he proves he’s a huge pussy.”

Colbert is running through the animal kingdom in his campaign to taunt Trump into making a return appearance on his CBS late-night show.

Earlier in the day, SiriusXM’s Insight Channel unveiled Colbert’s full interview with former New York Times’ Reporter Who Covers Television Bill Carter, during which he called Trump “a chicken.” Trump guested on Late Show in September of ’15 and also phoned in this past February, and Colbert told Carter, “I regret that that’s probably the only bite I’m going to get at that apple.”

“It’s clear that Donald Trump is a coward because he won’t come back on the show,” Colbert explained, adding, “He’s a chicken,”

The late-night host then translated that charge into terms Trump would understand, making chicken-ish noises.

“He’s got a great sense of humor about himself. I’m sure he won’t mind,” Colbert assured Carter.