Doing Beyonce proud, the women of Saturday Night Live took on Queen Bey’s “Sorry” – and Donald Trump – in last night’s music video parody “Melanianade.” Portraying the fed-up women in a gilded Trump cage are Cecily Strong as Melania, Emily Blunt as Ivanka (“I miss you Chelsea Clinton”), Kate McKinnon as Trump surrogate Kellyanne Conway, Sasheer Zamata as Omarosa and Vanessa Bayer as Tiffany (“Don’t call me Tiffany Trump – I’m Tiff Maples”) Trump. The man himself – Alec Baldwin, anyway – makes a cameo in this note-perfect sneer of a video, easily the best bit on last night’s SNL. Take a look above.

Another mostly-female short film was a faux-commercial for a plus-size line of clothing hideously named Chonk. The women’s expressions when they hear the condescending voiceover and the repeated “Chonk” – more insult than brand – give this one-joke bit a slightly above average fit.

By comparison, the “Honda Robotics” sketch seemed a weak blast from the past – say, Woody Allen’s past, Sleeper. Here, guest host Emily Blunt and SNL‘s Mikey Day play malfunctioning robots whose bad behavior couldn’t come at a worse time. As she was on much of last night’s show, Blunt’s a good sport here, but the SNL writers seem a bit strained, maybe the result of overhyped expectations and a too-abundant election season.