Covering this election cycle “is certainly a buffet of wonderful things to draw upon to make  a comedy show,” Samantha Bee acknowledged in her visit to fellow The Daily Show alum Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. “I want it to be over so badly. I want America to be happy again.”

Heading into Monday’s debate, Bee confessed she and her Full Frontal staff were “extremely nervous. We had extreme anxiety in our offices all day. We were all very pale, we were all very drawn. We were kind of shivering. It was terrible.”

But the debate went “very well. I was happy with  the outcome,” Bee said. “I feel that Trump peeled away layers of the onion and revealed himself in small ways throughout the debate…and then, of course, he went on Fox & Friends the next morning and revealed even more layers.”

Bee’s show, which aired Wednesday this week so she could recap the debate, will do the same next week for the Veep debate. Trump’s kids have said Mike Pence will be de facto POTUS, should Trump win the election, in charge of domestic and foreign policy, while Trump is busy making America great again, Bee and Colbert noted.