Welcome to Deadline’s live blog of what could be the most lascivious presidential debate in our nation’s history. Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton 2: The Sequel is bound to be marked, if not dominated, by talk of the vulgar tape that emerged Friday in which the GOP nominee talks about lewd things he does and would like to do with women. Expect Clinton to reference the recording, made 11 years ago along and also “featuring” TV personality Billy Bush, and go into attack mode about Trump’s perceived war on women.

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In the other corner is the real estate mogul-turned-reality TV star-turned quasi-politician, who is likely to reach back a decade or two to remind potential voters of sex scandals that shadowed the Dem nominee’s husband Bill Clinton when he was commander in chief. All told, we could be in for a TV-M 90 minutes.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s News Martha Raddatz are moderating the town hall-style second presidential debate of the Campaign 2016, airing live on multiple networks starting at 9 PM ET from Washington University in St. Louis. Deadline’s Erik Pedersen is live-blogging tonight’s action, so put the kids on their gaming console, open an adult or other beverage and follow the action here.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20165:56 pm

BREAKING NEWS on CNN: Candidates’ spouses enter the hall!!

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20165:58 pm

Why do the rules explanations always remind me of the rules being read before a ’70s game show.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:01 pm

Bill Clinton’s accusers are in the venue. The ex-president’s detractors probably think they should have rented a stadium.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:02 pm

Commentators are talking quietly, like Rory McIlroy is lining up a putt on the 18th at Augusta.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:04 pm

Sure is a lot of blue on that stage. Where is the Republican outrage?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:05 pm

I believe Patton Oswalt speaks for all of America when he says:

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:06 pm

The people onstage are “not committed to a candidate” and all are from St. Louis. Not committed? Are they too distracted that the Rams left for L.A.?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:07 pm

MUCH less cordial greeting between the candidates from 10 days ago. No handshake, just distant “hellos.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:08 pm

“Our country is great because we’re good,” Clinton says. But are we good because we’re great?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:08 pm

No opening statements, just diving right in to questions.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:09 pm

Not a single anti-Trump sentiment in Clinton’s first at-bat.

Ross A. Lincoln October 9, 20166:10 pm

No fireworks yet -Donald implied in his friday night video that he’d be bringing up Juanita Broadderick tonight. That is the nuclear option of this campaign. But so far he hasn’t gone scorched earth.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:10 pm

First words out of Trump’s mouth: “Well,I actually agree with her. I agree with everything she said.”

Ross A. Lincoln October 9, 20166:10 pm

I don’t want to be proven hilariously wrong in 10 minutes but this seems like a particularly calm, chastened Trump compared the last few days. 

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:11 pm

Listen to this hushed tone on Trump. You can’t bring back law and order by whispering like you’re asking your date for a Tic-Tac at the opera.

Ross A. Lincoln October 9, 20166:11 pm

“Mr. Trump, you bragged that you have sexually assaulted someone. Do you understand that”. Holy moly.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:12 pm

And here we go with the tape. You’re up, Anderson.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:12 pm

“This was locker room talk,” Trump repeats. But it’s OK because ISIS is chopping off heads.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:13 pm

Ross A. Lincoln October 9, 20166:13 pm

Moderator: You said a bunch of horrible stuff.

Trump: Locker room talk ISIS ISIS ISIS SIS (cont for 10 minutes)
Moderator: Just answer the question.
Trump: We’re gonna make America great safe and wealthy again.
Ross A. Lincoln October 9, 20166:14 pm

Trump doing his best impression of Professor Harold Hill. With Robert Preston’s charisma and niceness surgically excised. 

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:14 pm

“Nobody has no more respect for women than I do.” This is the reason we all watched The Trump Show the past 15 months. No scriptwriter could come up with that.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:15 pm

Clinton doubts Trump’s “fitness to serve.” Didn’t she read that epic health report Trump’s doctor put out?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:16 pm

Trump just took a little stroll there. Anyone reminded of when Al Gore invaded George W. Bush’s personal space? 

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:16 pm

OK, Hil, it’s only a 90-minute debate. No time to rattle off every group that has been offended by Trump talk.

Ross A. Lincoln October 9, 20166:17 pm

Actually I’d like to see that list Erik. It’d be like the third Game of Thrones book.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:17 pm

Trump cagey counter: “It’s just words, folks. It’s just words.”

Ross A. Lincoln October 9, 20166:18 pm

Annnd Trump goes nuclear.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:18 pm

Trump is standing. Clinton in seated. Yep, she’s dying.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:20 pm

Here’s the first salvo again Bill. “There’s never been anyone in the history of American politics who’s been so abusive to women.” Wait — didn’t Trump just admit that he’s a politician?

Ross A. Lincoln October 9, 20166:20 pm

Trump is trying to make this election about the Star Report. If we’re bringing back the 90s, can Ralph Tresvant go on tour?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:21 pm

First Trump sniffle. Who had 12 minutes in the pool? Winner!

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:21 pm

Some applause when Trump says “she should be ashamed of herself.”

Ross A. Lincoln October 9, 20166:21 pm

Both candidates are draping themselves in Kevlar flags but I think in this case Hillary is taking the right tactic. 

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:22 pm

Again, the split screen is brilliantly deployed. Good stuff.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:22 pm

WikiLeaks reference. Many shots just consumed throughout the county.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:22 pm

Emails!! Someone’s about to get hammered.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:24 pm

President Trump will get his attorney general (presumably Kate Upton) to appoint a special prosecutor (likely Perry Mason) to “look into your situation.”

Ross A. Lincoln October 9, 20166:24 pm

Trump just made arresting Hillary Clinton his top campaign promise. This is next level crazy.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:25 pm

Clinton took three tries to say, “fact-checking.” Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door…

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:25 pm

Zinger! Trump fires off first memorable line about how Clinton should be in jail.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:26 pm

Clinton kames no excuses for emails — the ones Hipster Don says she “acid washed.”

Maybe some from 1989, I suppose.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:27 pm

Trump set the tone with “it’s only words.” The system is rigged, folks. Believe me!

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:27 pm

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:28 pm

Hearing Donald Trump tell Clinton “you should be ashamed of yourself” is like … like … I got nuthin’ …

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:29 pm

Trump goes on offensive against Cooper. Didn’t go well.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:30 pm

“I’m a gentleman, go ahead.” This is just too easy.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:32 pm

Hey, what’s all this policy crap, Clinton? We want more sex talk. Give the people what they want!

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:33 pm

Sniffle No. 2. Kleenex contacting Trump’s people now.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:34 pm

How long until we bust someone onstage checking the football game on their phone? #FantasyFootballOverPolitics

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:37 pm

Trump is wandering around the stage like a lead singer during an extending guitar solo.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:39 pm

Radical Islamic terrorist. To solve a problem, you have to say the name. Could someone fact-check that?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:40 pm

“We’ve had Muslims in America since George Washington,” Clinton says. She’s not saying what the “deplorables” think she’s saying, right? Are people tearing up dollar bills as we speak?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:42 pm

Maybe Trump could use Obamacare to get those sniffles look at.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:42 pm

“Captain Khan is an American hero.” OK. “He would have been alive today” if Trump was in office.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:43 pm

By eschewing interruptions, Clinton’s strategy just might be to give Trump enough rope to hang himself with his own words. “They’re only words, folks.”

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:45 pm

So who is “winning” at the midway point? Trump leading in zingers and pacing. Clinton leading in patience and policy talk. 

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:46 pm

Seems like Clinton is going over two minutes here. Where are the moderators? Trump and the GOP has reason to grumble about this.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:48 pm

WikiLeaks dump of Clinton’s Wall Street speeches is topic on the table.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:49 pm

Clinton name-drops Steven Spielberg. I predict that Trump will evoke Clint Eastwood now.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:51 pm

Clinton says straight out that Russia is trying to affect the U.S. election. I’d like to see a livestream of Putin pounding his shoe on the table.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:51 pm

Is it just me, or has Trump begun using the sniffle for emphasis now?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:52 pm

“I know nothing about Russia.” Someone needs to get that on Vine immediately. Choosy voters choose GIFs.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:53 pm

Was that Paul Ryan asking that question?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:55 pm

So a Republican who made his name in the entertainment industry wants to slash taxes when he takes office. Every Californian has to be thinking, “Well, that worked so well for Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:56 pm

Clinton: “I’m sorry I have to keep saying this, but he lives in an alternate reality.”

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:59 pm

Clinton cites Warren Buffett. Most of America would rather hear from Jimmy Buffett. Maybe Clinton’s post-campaign book will be titled “A Pirate Looks at 70.”

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20166:59 pm

Good question, Anderson. Make him tell us when he paid his last dollar in income tax.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:00 pm

OK, just what in the wide, wide world of sports is a-goin’ on here? Caption contest! Post your answers in the comments section.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:02 pm

Theory: Trump was too busy watching football today to get in his usual number of steps, so he’s trying to fool his FitBit by walking around the stage like it’s a 440 track.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:03 pm

You heard it here first: Trump’s first post-debate tweet will be, “The moderators were very unfair to me.”

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:04 pm

Raddatz compares Syria to the Holocaust in that “the U.S. waited too long before we helped.” Bold. Probably going to cost his in the Twittersphere.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:06 pm

Clinton: “What is at stake here is the aggressiveness and ambition of Russia.”

And she repeats the line about who Putin wants to see win the election: “It isn’t me.”

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:07 pm

“Even before my father’s father, they called us all rebels”…

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:08 pm

There’s the Sniffle for Emphasis again.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:09 pm

Iran is the “dumbest deal in the history of dealmaking.” OK, where does Trump’s attempted entry into Atlantic City casinos rank?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:10 pm

Did you notice that was the first mention of President Obama on the night.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:11 pm

Raddatz: “What do you think will happen if Aleppo falls?”

Trump: “What is Aleppo?”

(Sorry, the Mainstream Media can dream…)

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:13 pm

Patton and MacArthur name-checked for a second consecutive debate. And Clinton brings up George Washington. Who will be the first to cite Ulysses S. Grant? Let’s put 50 bucks on it…

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:14 pm

“Arming the Kurds.” Sometimes the jokes write themselves.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:15 pm

Trump again calls out the moderators for favoritism. He’s got a point.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:16 pm

Iran was the worst deal in world history, and NAFTA is the worse trade deal in history.

Hey sports fans: What’s the worst trade in history?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:17 pm

Cooper let Trump run a little over that time. Kinda like a referee evening out one bad call with another.

Ross A. Lincoln October 9, 20167:18 pm

Erik, worst trade is James Harden to Houston.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:19 pm

Remember when CNN let that early GOP debate run three hours? We’re closing in on closing time, and I wouldn’t mind another hour.

Then again, I’m not playing a drinking game.

That you know of.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:19 pm

“The Deplorables” — coming soon to a theater near you.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:21 pm

“The Deplorables” trailer: “In a world … when half of Trump’s supporters are racist, sexist and everything else-ists, half of them are not.”

This trailer has been approved this trailer for all audiences.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:22 pm

That’s at least the third time Trump has pointed at Clinton and said, with biting emphasis, “her.”

That reminds me of John McCain pointing to President Obama during their faceoff and saying, “THAT ONE!”

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:23 pm

American politics has come to this: Debating the pros and cons of tweeting.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:24 pm

Moderators trying to play off Clinton works like the Grammys trying to play off Frank Sinatra in 1998.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:26 pm

SUPREME COURT JUSTICE — is this the first time that issue has come up since the week Obama put Merrick Garland’s name in nomination?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:27 pm

This would be a great time for Clinton to ask Trump about his favorite Supreme Court decision.

Our money is on George Carlin winning the case of the “Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television.”

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:28 pm

The moderators are trying to make up for bias — perceived or real — by rushing Clinton now. On the last question. Hoping for a case of people only remember the last thing they saw?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:30 pm

Trump calls out Clinton for not putting her own money into her campaign. Moderators move on. That will come up in pundit round tables tonight.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:31 pm

“Energy is under siege by the Obama administration,” Trump says. Using his words, it would have been the same for a Jeb Bush administration.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:33 pm

Something just occurred to me: Maybe that “OK sign” gesture Trump always uses is not that at all — maybe he’s hinting that it’s his chances of winning.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:34 pm

“Those coal miners and their fathers and grandfathers” — what about their daughters?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:35 pm

“We are creating a lot of natural gas.” Heh-heh, heh.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:37 pm

This is an interesting question. This should be an interesting answer.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:38 pm

“She doesn’t fight and she doesn’t quit, and I consider that to be a very good trait.”

Wouldn’t it be delicious is that’s the last thing he says before he quits the race?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:38 pm

Post-debate handshake. OK.

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:40 pm

Clinton shaking hands of the “undecideds” onstage. Now he’s doing it. Save, Trump! Oh that was a kick save and a beauty!

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:41 pm

OK, so who “won”? Trump? Clinton? Cooper? Putin? WikiLeaks? Iran? The people getting selfies with the candidates onstage?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:43 pm

Who scheduled this thing against Sunday Night Football between two of the most popular teams in the league? Is this like when they put the Emmys playing against The Sopranos?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:43 pm

Seriously … does anything that was said tonight affect the alleged undecideds in this race?

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:44 pm

Erik Pedersen October 9, 20167:47 pm

OK, let’s leave the post-debate breakdowns to the pundits. That’s a wrap for tonight. Deadline will be back live-blogging the next debate on October 19 — maybe unless I score a freebie for Green Day at the Palladium…

Good night, all.