Nielsen said today that that it will measure out-of-home viewing for the first time. Subscribers to the service will receive audience estimates that combine in-home TV viewing, based on Nielsen’s National TV ratings panel, with out-of-home viewing based on use of its Portable People Meter technology and panelists.

The company expects to launch the National TV Out-of-Home Measurement Service in April, with data effective in January. Data back to September 2016 will be added shortly after launch.

The service will provide both program and commercial ratings for live through Live+7 days of time-shifted viewing. The new offering will launch as a stand-alone service, but Nielsen plans to incorporate out-of-home viewing directly into its national television ratings in the future.


The use of the PPM device, which panelists carry with them wherever they go, enables Nielsen to measure TV viewing that occurs in such places restaurants, bars, waiting rooms and airports. The out-of-home viewing will be based on data from over 75,000 PPM panelists across 44 local markets, enabling Nielsen to project out-of-home viewing in over half of U.S. population.

“Measuring where consumers watch content, regardless of platform and location, is at the core of Nielsen Total Audience, and this includes out-of-home viewing,” said Sara Erichson, EVP of Nielsen Client Solutions and Audience Insights. “While consumers have always watched TV outside the home, that viewing has not been measured. This new measurement enables both buyers and sellers to understand the incremental reach of advertising messages.”