Marvel super hero Luke Cage‘s worst nemesis turned out to be technology today, as Netflix servers went down for over two hours. This interruption comes one day after the third Marvel series on the streaming service debuted its thirteen episode first season.

While Netflix did not respond to requests for comment and the streaming service does not reveal viewing statistics, speculation online for the disruption was laid at the feet of the popularity of Marvel’s Luke Cage this weekend.

Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Coker himself even postulated the show’s superstreaming strength.

For its part, Netflix was quick to acknowledge the problem:

Worry not Luke Cage fans – service on Netflix seems to be primarily restored though some markets are still encountering difficulty on Saturday afternoon. We’ll update with any more news, if there is any… ’nuff said.

The outage, which began just before 12:00 PM Pacific time, appears to have primarily affected the United States and the UK. In addition to Luke Cage, Netflix added several classic movies to its library on October 1, including Titanic and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.