EXCLUSIVE: Less than two months before the launch of the second season of The Man In The High Castle, Amazon has unveiled key art for the series based on Philip K. Dick’s 1962 alt-history novel.

Keeping much of the actual action of the latest season show a mystery, the key art does reveal that the different versions of who won World War II are now in play in determining the future.


Earlier this month at New York Comic-Con, MITHC dropped both a trailer and a clip from Season 2 showing star Alexa Davalos’ Juliana requesting political asylum in the Nazis-run East Coast of the U.S. from the Imperial Japan-dominated Pacific States of America. Both the Season 2 trailer and NYCC clip show the fallout from Juliana’s Season 1 decision to betray the Resistance and let Joe Blake (Luke Kleintank) scurry out of the Pacific States with a much-desired film originally intended for the infamous Man in the High Castle.

This of course all comes as tensions on the drama between the Third Reich and Imperial Japan are heating up in what some on both sides want to see escalate into a final atomic conflict.

The 10-episode second season debuts December 16.