UPDATE with video: Lady Gaga has set a Carpool Karaoke precedent, appearing as an unexpected guest and performing throughout the broadcast of CBS’ Late Late Show to help promote the launch of her music video with host James Corden. She even delivered the opening monologue:

You may know me as Lady Gaga, but tonight I am Lady Haha.

Donald Trump is launching a nightly news show on Facebook which will stream Trump’s rallies. It will be kind of like airing my concerts, except, instead of little monsters there will be actual monsters. And, according to the show’s creator, the program is really expected to grab viewers by the [expletive].

Out rushed Corden, minus pants and suit jacket.

“What the hell are you doing?” Corden screamed. “You just figured you’d come out and do my monologue? That’s like me trying to sing one of your songs. I could — brilliantly. This is serious. People love my monologue. They look forward to it all day!”

“This is my job,” Corden said sternly. “I am at work. Thank you for getting me here, but now it’s time to go.”

Naturally, he relented, asking if she wanted to sit in with Reggie and the band for whole show. She did, and she did, performing her song “A Yo,” aka “Mirror on the Ceiling,” heading into and out of every commercial break.