Updated with video: The sudden star of last night’s second Presidential debate is heading to Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight — and we don’t mean Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Nope, it will be Ken Bone, the undecided voter from Sunday’s town hall will be appearing on the ABC late-night show via video on Kimmel’s Wall of America.

We don’t know if the St. Louis-area native will be wearing his now-trademark red sweater or snapping photos with a disposable camera like the man with the almost-superhero name did onSunday. We do know however that Don Rickles and John Stamos will join the still undecided voter — a coal plant operator and instant media sensation — on JKL! and that Two Door Cinema Club will perform.

Along with almost 100 other undecided residents from in and around St. Louis, Bone was chosen to participate in last night’s much anticipated second round between the White House contenders. “What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job layoffs?,” he asked of Clinton and Trump. His approach and appearance sent social media into a fawning frenzy thanks to his name, his thoughtfulness and his civility in a dust-up that had certainly lacked the latter.

After the debate, Bone was seen taking photos of the candidates and more with a small camera. Always one to recognize game, Bill Clinton even made a point of walking over to Bone and shaking his hand. Since then, he’s been interviewed by the likes of the New York Times and CNN and seen his Twitter followers surge to more than 31,000.

Maybe Kimmel will ask Bone if he can be his running mate in the host’s ongoing race for Vice President.