SPOILER ALERT: The story contains details about tonight’s episode of the CW’s Jane the Virgin.

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This is not much of a spoiler or surprise following last week’s episode of Jane the Virgin, which ended with newlyweds Jane and Michael getting the all-clear from Michael’s doctor to have sex after his near-fatal shooting on their wedding night. The momentous event, which the series had been building toward since the very first scene in the pilot, in which young Jane’s grandmother talks to her about losing her virginity, did not get off without a hitch — in typical Jane the Virgin style, the couple were interrupted several times until they finally were able to seal the deal. After so much buildup, the experience did not quite live up to Jane’s expectations, but when the couple got a re-do following several mishaps, it was magical (and very animated with the sex scenes getting a toon treatment in the episode, directed by Eva Longoria and guest-starring Miami mainstays Gloria and Emilio Estefan).

In an interview with Deadline, Jane the Virgin creator/showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman discussed tonight’s big development, its impact on Jane, the show and its title, which will change going forward. (There was a hint of that tonight with a question mark after Jane the Virgin)

DEADLINE: Why did you decide that this — Season 3, Episode 3 — was the time for Jane to finally have sex?

URMAN: I knew it would be this year, and I knew it would be with Michael after he had recovered. There were no more stories we needed to tell — we had played the Jane the Virgin card in its different iterations, pregnant virgin, virgin with a baby, married virgin, married virgin with a one-year son. We’d mined all the material that stems from that and felt that the story would stall if we didn’t move forward.

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DEADLINE: When and why did you decide that Jane will lose her virginity with Michael? Did you ever consider anyone else?

URMAN: From the very beginning, I’ve known the bones of the story and where it was going to go, and I did know that Jane would get married to Michael and have sex with him.

DEADLINE: How will married life treat Jane?

URMAN: You will have to wait and see. They are very happy now, and we are able to explore what it means in Jane’s life as she and Michael move into the new phase. There is plenty of newlyweds story to play with — it is not easy to merge lives, especially when there is a kid involved, there are a lot of complications.

DEADLINE: How will the title change? Will Virgin be crossed off going forward?

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URMAN: Right now I am planning to put a line through it, we will cross it off at the beginning of next episode. Going forward, the title will evolve and be changed to reflect the developments in the particular episode, for instance, Jane, Who Got a Great New Job Opportunity. (Jane will be offered a new job later this season, so her waitressing days may be finally over). The tweak will (illustrate) that the show is much more than a comedy about a virgin, it is a show about Jane’s character and her journey.

DEADLINE: Why did you decide to use animation for the sex scenes?

URMAN: We wanted to do something with magical realism, one of the things that make the show particularly specific. We are not competing with HBO or Netflix and we’re not going to show the real physicality of sex. I wanted Jane to have a private moment and have it be more about the feeling, what her expectations were.