The approach of Hurricane Matthew towards Florida today has led to a state of emergency and has also led to a shift in the shooting schedule of The Chew. With worries that the potentially massive storm could hit the Orlando area later this week, an October 6 filming of the ABC cooking themed daytime show at Epcot has been cancelled.

Instead, the Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Michael Symon, Daphne Oz and Clinton Kelly hosted series has collapsed its schedule at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival into more shows over fewer days. Right now, as the sun is almost down in the Sunshine State, The Chew is filming its second show of the day at the Walt Disney World theme park. Tomorrow will see three shows at 9:40 AM, 1:40 PM and now one at 5:15 PM.

A Q&A that was set to take place earlier today in Epcot’s America Gardens Theatre was also cancelled. Ticketholders to that event were offered seats at today’s filmings, I’m told.

All the shows being filmed this week are set to air on the Disney-owned network from October 10 -14 with Scandal’s Scott Foley among the guests.

While the Disney World park and resort is still open, the company has started extending its policy that lets visits booked through the resort be postponed or cancelled. Universal Studios also has the same policy once a hurricane warning is official announced. The Category 4 Hurricane Matthew smashed into Haiti earlier today with hard winds and rain. It is heading towards Cuba next before Florida could see landfall.

The last time, the Florida resorts closed was in 20o5 for Hurricane Wilma – but they only shut the doors for a few hours.