Filmmaker Michael Moore’s Trumpland is not the only anti-Donald Trump documentary around this political season. Another one — You’ve Been Trumped Too — drops on Oct. 28, first in theaters in New York and Los Angeles before rolling out across the country.

Anthony Baxter who is the European filmmaker behind the 2011 Montrose Pictures’ doc You’ve Been Trumped, which was acquired for U.S. broadcast by Participant Media, is putting the final touches on a sequel about how the reality-star-turned-presidential-candidate continues to steamroll over the common folk in Aberdeen, Scotland where the Trump golf course resort was constructed and how water supply has been cut off for residents.

The first documentary followed the family of Michael Forbes who refused to sell his home and land to clear the way for Trump’s resort — land that his family has farmed for 43 years. Baxter also interviewed local residents who marched in protest to save the land from the developer.

The second doc — You’ve Been Trumped Too — reveals that construction for the luxury resort severed the water supply to the Forbes family (and surrounding areas), and despite the promise that water would be restored, it hasn’t five years after the fact. The Forbes still refuse to give up their homestead.

The filmmaker found that the farmer’s 92-year-old mother fetches water every day from a stream nearby with plastic containers and a wheelbarrow so the family can function.

The first documentary was crowdfunded and reached over 100% of its goal in a short time. The second film, which interviews both Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. about the situation, is also being crowdfunded and is about 80% funded on its way to a $75K.