Donald Trump was in the “No Spin Zone” on Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor tonight, and he implied that NBC might have a little November surprise coming — in the form of legal action.

The GOP nominee for the White House reiterated his claim that his boasts about grabbing women’s genitalia was “locker room talk.” When host Bill O’Reilly asked Trump if he thought NBC’s releasing of the infamous audio from the Access Hollywood bus in 2005 was illegal, the candidate made a little Freudian slip before catching himself: “Oh absolutely,” Trump replied. “No, that was a private locker — you know, that was a private dressing room. Yeah, that was certainly illegal; no question about it.”

O’Reilly then asked if Trump would “take any legal after the election against NBC” — the network that made him a reality TV star with The Apprentice. “Well, you’ll see. You’ll see. … We’re gonna find out soon enough.”

The interview also touched on Trump’s oft-repeated claim that the election is rigged (“I think 93% of the stories [the media] writes about me are negative, even if it’s a positive story”), the possibility of voter fraud (“I think things are going on that aren’t good”), Michelle Obama saying today that Trump is undermining the desire of people to vote (“I think the opposite”) and the media skewing polls against him (“I’m winning in certain polls, and then in other polls — ‘the dirty polls,’ we call ’em — I was losing by, you  know, numbers that were ridiculous. … The only ones I really like are the ones where we’re winning”).

Here is Fox News video of the first part of the Trump interview; the bus tape comments were made during the ensuing segment: